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Linux : Wine and pegasus beta

  •  05-31-2008, 9:47

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    Linux : Wine and pegasus beta


    I had no luck with Pegasus and Wine (neither version 0.9.59, nor 0.9.61, nor 1.0 RC2)

    When I close a window (compose mail, for exemple), pegasus just silently exit.
    When choosing the mailbox path, pegasus doesn't understand correctly and create a new one where it should use an existing one.

    I wonder if some of the beta testers had tested the beta version under wine ? Since David had migrated from Borland to Visual C++, the behavior may be totally different, and maybe Wine is accepting better the binaries ?

    If none of you from the beta team has linux on board, it will be a pleasure for me to test it here, if it is something possible.
    [my email : sebas_2 (a_t) yahoo (c_om) ]

    Wine is in code freeze for bug fix (RC3), I was thinking maybe it would be good to submit a bug report to them for the new Pegasus, if necessary. It would be really nice to see the brand new Pegasus working with the brand new Wine 1.0 :-)

    My solutin for now is running Pegasus in a virtual machine (vbox), but it is an heavy solution, I think. I would greatly prefere wine, or maybe use a native mail client, but none of them is as good as Peg !

    Best regards,

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