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Re: Bottom of Toolbar cut off

  •  05-20-2007, 11:10

    Re: Bottom of Toolbar cut off


    I have xp home. Hp pavillion 541c w/ samsung 920BW (widescreen) monitor. Since upgrading to pm 4.41 bottom of new mail folder toolbar is cut off.

    When I hover over an item it shows and covers up part of the window.

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

    Well there must be some corruption or such in the files that contains all that information. That file is state.pmj and can be found in the Home Mailbox Location (Help -> About Pegasus Mail -> Info button to locate that).

    Best is to close down Pegasus Mail and rename that file to state.sav (so you can revert if this is not the solution). On restart Pegasus Mail will recreate it and the problem should be gone then.


    Han van den Bogaerde -
    Member of Pegasus Mail Support Group.
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