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Re: Lost Folder - HIERARCH.PM del didnt work

  •  06-23-2008, 12:07

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    Re: Lost Folder - HIERARCH.PM del didnt work

    Oh dear - the more I look the worse it seems to get:

    First off - I tried deleting the Name_Unavailable element
    0,0,"I11BSX20:26AC:FOL0077F","1CC25143:My mailbox",Name_Unavailable

    Replacing it with
    0,0,"I11BSX20:26AC:FOL0077F","1CC25143:My mailbox","A - Mail Read"

    When I reloaded PM the line of text merely returned to its original: Name_Unavailable.

    So I deleted a few folders, thinking that maybe PM had reached a folder limit, then repeated the above, but no joy.

    I then happened to notice that the Name_Unavailable element appeared in other lines of code.
    Yes, these folders had also disappeared.

    I did a search on Name_Unavailable (this forum) - people talk about simply deleting these lines of code.
    But I'm concerned about where the actual messages are that were in these folders.

    Are they gone, erased from the hard disk?

    I had thought about running PM and re-creating the folders from the folder menu and then editing the Name_Unavailable element.
    The thinking being that the folder name would be properly registered, and therefore the messages could be pointed to appear in the new folders.

    However, I'm very concerned about really screwing the system up.

    So the primary questions now are:

    1. Is it likely that my messages are still there?
    2. How can I get them to be listed in a folder (any folder would do)?

     Has anybody got any experience in this area, cos I'm beginning to flounder

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