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Re: Lost Folder - HIERARCH.PM del didnt work

  •  06-26-2008, 10:56

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    Re: Lost Folder - HIERARCH.PM del didnt work

    So there we have it - the question resolved, and an understanding of how to prevent the problem from re-ocurring.

    But I have to comment (I can't stop myself) - how can it be that the AV producers (who fully understand the risks of deleting files) send out their 'point & click' software, with defaults set to delete?

    It's not as if we are now struggling for disk space.
    It can't increase their fan base.
    There is additional cost to them

    What's more - they are very quick to insert repeating pop-up screens to remind you to upgrade, until youve done it.

    Why not a repeating pop-up screen to remind you to examine the virus vault, after files have been moved there.
    I didn't even know AVG8 had found any suspected threats.

    This problem, quite literally just had to happen at some point, and therefore must be happening to people all over the world.

    The AV guys surely must know this; but I guess a complaint such as this can only be acceptable if I provide AVG with the feedback, and request a fix in their next upgrade.

    Other people affected should do the same.

    Thanks again to everybody who has contributed to this discussion.




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