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Pegasus RFC2047 encoded from headers with national characters

  •  07-02-2008, 16:43

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    Pegasus RFC2047 encoded from headers with national characters

    I am afraid that Pegasus (also the latest version 4.41) has the same problem as Mozilla based mail clients which is described in 

    My company uses M$ exchange and M§ Outlook as main mail infrastructure but allows to use other mail clients. I encounter problems whenever I get mail from a colleague who has national characters (french accented  vowals, German umlauts or the like) in his name.

    Outlook / Exchange  fill the name within the From:-Header with "last_name, first_name", and (beacause og the comma) correctly enclose this name with double quotes. However, if the name contains national characters, exchange or outlook encode the name by UTF8, and then no double quote is necessary any more. 

     Example: a sender "Mary Smith" will create a from header
    From: "Smith, Mary" <>

    and if I press "reply", Pegasus will copy this entire  line into the "to" header line.  Everything is OK so far.

    A sender with a German Umlaut, e.g., "Günter Schmidt", will  create  a header line:
    From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Schmidt=2C_G=FCnter?= <>

    i.e. no double quotes. Displayinh this mail, Pegasus displays ist as
    From: Schmidt, Günter <>

    and ig I reply, it copies the decoded header line into the To-header. The consequence is that to To header loks as foillows:
    To: Schmidt, Günter <>

    and - interpreting the non-quoted comma as a seprating character between two mail recipielnts - tries to send the reply to two adressees, one of them will of course fail.

    Yes, I know that the exchange admins might be able to reconfigure their program in order to always enclose the name in quotes. But they state that they properly observe the RFCs, and the ywill not do that. They say that Pegasus should not copy the decoded From: header line but instead copy the encoded header line into the reply's address field, and then, everything will be OK. Yes, they are right.

    I tried to find an option within Pegasus to achieve this - but I couldnt find any. U wozld be really grateful if anyone has an idea.


    Best regards


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