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Preventing crashes

Last post 11-26-2008, 22:46 by peggy. 2 replies.
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  •  11-02-2008, 15:12

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    Preventing crashes

    FYI: From what I've been seeing so far there's an easy way to prevent most of the crashes caused by the current Pegasus Mail beta version (with some minor unconvenient side effects): Go to Tools | Options | Advanced settings and set Load Windows Internet Services to Always and restart Pegasus Mail. Aside from showing a permanently red button on Pegasus Mail's status bar (bottom right) it may interfere with your current dial-up handling only - if you still need to use it these days. Otherwise it shouldn't have any other side effects. Please let us know whether it fixes your crash issues (at least partly) - after sending in your crash reports, of course ... :-)

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  •  11-10-2008, 14:14

    Re: Preventing crashes

    I used to have crashes most of the times when I ended the PM beta version 4.50 PB1. By setting the option as you suggest, the crashes don't happen any more. Thanks a lot, it was so annoying!!!
    And a beautiful side effect of your suggestion is that PM starts and loads the "new mail forlder" much, much faster.


  •  11-26-2008, 22:46

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    Re: Preventing crashes

    I have the same crash - problem when I close Pegasusmail. I have set: "Advanced settings and set Load Windows Internet Services to Always", but the problem is still there. (I have send a crash-dump-report)



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