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Domain Forwarding

Last post 12-26-2008, 11:12 by Peter Strömblad. 1 replies.
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  •  12-22-2008, 21:27

    Domain Forwarding

    There have been a number of questions about forwarding domains in Mercury/32.  This includes forwarding all main for specific domains to servers on the same internal lan and to external addresses.  I have been working with Petr Jaklin and he has come up with 3 ways to do this. This is NOT a true MX host function since it does not queue and wait for the system to be online to send the mail.  That said, WSMTPEx will keep retrying if the connection to the server and port cannot be made.  I have not tested how long it will continue retrying.

    1.  First of all is the simplest, you simply re-write the domain in the mercury.ini [Rewrite] section.

    [Rewrite] []

    I really was surprised when this one worked since it truely simple and has been there all along.  You learn something new every day.  The brackets are required when using an IP address.  This forwards all mail for to anyuser@[] using the normal Mercury/32 send process via port 25.  Works quite well when using MercuryE, cannot work when using MercuryC unless the IP address is a routable IP address.  You must re-boot Mercury/32 for each change since this is only read at start up.

    2.  The second one is the daemon MercFwd and it essentially does the same thing as the rewrite but this can be done dynamically by changing the domains section.  The [Domains] entry of


    does essentially the same thing as the rewrite above.  Again it uses Mercury ro deliver the mail via port 25 and so you cannot use this with MercuryC when using non-routable IP addresses.

    Edit:  There appears to be a problem with the MercFwd daemon when the sender uses <email@address> form since the username does not get the leading < removed.   Petr Jaklin has been notified

    Edit: Problem has been fixed.  Make sure you run the latest version

    3.  The third one is the program WSMTPEx.exe (SMTPEX.NLM for Netware)  and this a a separate program that takes mail for a email account and forwards it to any port and any hostname/IP address.  I use this with my domains to forward the mail to a Linux system (must use high ports as non-root) and to a second instance of Mercury/32 running on my system (can't share port 25)  Here's a sample of the ini file I use for forwarding all mail to Mercury/32 running on Ubuntu v8.10 and Wine.

     #  You can rename this tool, but name of following section must remain [WSMTPEx]
    #  TCP port, on which SMTP server listens
    #  Number of seconds to delay between searches for emails
    #  Folder, under which is most of user's mailboxes
    # Users mail address domain part

    # When user name start with "DM:", WSMTPEx will try to find SMTP envelope address in mail file

    This takes all the mail in the domain account "UBUNTO"  and sends it to port 8025 on to be received by MercuryS.  The directory BADMAIL I have specified must exist.  You can run multiple instances of this tool and and it can be run as a service.  If run as a service and running multiple instances the name of the program should be changed.  I use WSE-UBUNTO to rename the program and ini file for this one.

    Edit:  Latest version allows for multiple domain forwarding in one service.

    Many thanks to Petr Jaklin for the development of these tools.  You can get these tools at the community download areas or directly from Petr Jaklin's site


    Thomas R. Stephenson
    San Jose, California
    Member of Pegasus Mail Support Team

    I do not answer private messages from the forum. If you want to contact me use email to
  •  12-26-2008, 11:12

    Sv: Domain Forwarding

    Download Links:

    1. No download required, included in Mercury

    2. MercFwd.Dll - Daemon to forward all email for one domain: Download from the community click here or from the author site then click here

    3. SmtpEx.Nlm and Wsmtpex.Exe: Forwards domain based email as separate program.

    Kind regards / Peter
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