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Last post 02-15-2009, 13:13 by Peter Strömblad. 0 replies.
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  •  02-15-2009, 13:13

    Wiki On-Line
    Today we welcome you to the all new pmail Wiki!

    A Wiki is an on-line documentation repository, where you can contribute. The wiki supports both Pegasus Mail and Mercury MTA, and it is multilingual. Try it out at

    For a while there has been a wish to be able to extend the documentation of Pegasus Mail and Mercury Mail Transport Agent, plus concentrate information from various sources into one general repository. Today we proudly invite all users to contribute into creating the definitive guide to e-mailing in general, and about how the programs work in particular. All this will during 2009 be concentrated to

    In short time the knowledgebase documentation will be transferred onto the wiki, as well as the official software documentation, including help subsystems and development guides. Currently the closed beta team members concentrate in their free time on merging the documents, but this is a vast task. Pegasus Mail exists in several languages, but Mercury does not. Translation has always been a rather gigantic task. Both programs are used all over the world. therefore supports multiple languages, and you are all encouraged to pitch in and extend the documentation into your language.

    Developers of daemons and extensions are most welcome to publish their how-to guides and accompanying documentation in this one place repository.

    The basic idea of a wiki, is that anyone can suggest and contribute to completing the information. Seldom are the ones with deepest information equiped to write guides on how to use things, as the users themselves. At anyone can add, correct or extend the information so that it is as comprehensible and complete as can be.

    For those not so familiar with wikis, you may want to look at the original site and you'll find a world of information. We have built according to the same syntax, and on the same platform - to ease the use and contribution, and it is our hope that the pmail wiki will be of benefit to you all. The wiki contains a sandbox, were you can familiarize yourself with editing and contributing.

    Kind regards / Peter
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