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Workaround for installing GnuPT Pegasus Mail Plugin

Last post 03-04-2009, 18:07 by idw. 1 replies.
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  •  02-27-2009, 8:12

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    Workaround for installing GnuPT Pegasus Mail Plugin

    When trying to install the Plugin there is an error message that Pegasus is not installed - when selecting the directory this repeats and the install exits.

    With the help of ProcMon I found out what happened: the install routine - though it was looking in the registry for pegasus and found it - was looking for "DRIVE:\FOLDER\Pegasus\programs\winpm-
    32.exe" - after creating this dir and putting the file in it, the installation ran and then I could move the files to the right place.

    As the Plugin installs besides the QDPGM from 2006 a (german!) winpt.fde (which creates a button which calls the WinPT Keymanagement) it seems strange that (after finding the right place) the routine tries to find an english "programs" subdirectory beneath the place of Pegasus.

    There is also a problem with the plugin itself (or pegasus?): encrypting needs the pgp userid as password; signing needs the passphrase - so (despite of what is said in qdgnupg.chm) it is not possible to encrypt AND sign a mail!

    Besides that: Signing OR encrypting works with Pegasus 4.51 beta and GnuPT 3.6.3 (= GnuPG 1.4.9 + WinPT 1.3.1).

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  •  03-04-2009, 18:07

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    Re: Workaround for installing GnuPT Pegasus Mail Plugin

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us - would be nice to have Gerard R. Thomas comment on the QDGPG  issue, though ...


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    PGP Plugin for Pegasus Mail: <>
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