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Pegasus Mail v4.52 released

Last post 01-23-2010, 14:01 by David Harris. 0 replies.
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  •  01-23-2010, 14:01

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    Pegasus Mail v4.52 released

    Pegasus Mail v4.52 is now available for public download.

    V4.52 is all about allowing the program to work well under Windows 7: it can now use the new Microsoft mechanisms for registering itself as a system-level mail program (meaning it can be used to launch mailto: links from your web browser), and corrects a number of minor issues in previous versions, in particular the problem with some toolbar buttons either not displaying or displaying incorrectly. There are also some internal reliability fixes to do with the way certain types of folder damage are handled.

    Producing a Windows-7-capable version of the program required migrating the Pegasus Mail source code from Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2008: we expected this process to be easy and quick, but we were wrong - Microsoft made it much more difficult than should ever have been necessary. This is the main reason it has taken us as long as it has to get this release out the door. An unfortunate side-effect of this is that Visual Studio 2008 generates applications that cannot be run under Windows 98 or ME. As a result, v4.52 no longer works on these older versions of Windows. As I've noted in the information on the main Pegasus Mail site, we will see what we can do about putting together at least a matching version of v4.52 that *can* run under Windows 98 and ME, but it's clear that we are not going to be able to support these systems for very much longer.

    Pegasus Mail v4.52 can be downloaded from the main Pegasus Mail web site, at it will be made available here on the community as soon as humanly possible.


    -- David --

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