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Blank messages in the Queue Manager cannot be deleted

Last post 07-02-2007, 21:00 by Thomas Nimmesgern. 0 replies.
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  •  07-02-2007, 21:00

    Blank messages in the Queue Manager cannot be deleted


    This description covers the following problem: The Queue Manager lists one or more messages that do not have any content and that re-appear even after being deleted from the queue.

    To get rid of them, follow these steps:

    1. Find out where your home mailbox directory is. When Pegasus Mail is running, go to "Help" | "About Pegasus Mail" | "Info" where you can find a line saying "Home mailbox location: C:\PMAIL\MAIL\User" (or a similar path for "Home mailbox location:"). The directory path given in this example is likely to be different from the one you have. Write down the path you are displayed in your case.
      (The home mailbox directory contains almost all files, data, addressbooks, settings etc. a user has. It also has the messages you have sent to the queue.)

    2. Close Pegasus Mail.

    3. Open a file manager tool (the usual Windows Explorer will do). Open the directory you have written down in step (1).

    4. Look for any files with the file extension *.pmo and *.pmw and *.pmx.
      Note: if Windows does not show you the file extension, you have to enable that (by default, Windows Explorer does not show you the file extensions, so you may have to enable them.)

    5. Some of them probably have a size of 0. These files are the ones to re-appear in the Queue manager. Delete these zero-byte files (but only those with the file extensions *.pmo, *.pmw and *.pmx).

    6. Restart Pegasus Mail, find out what happens. The Queue Manager will not contain any ghost messages anymore.

    In order to ensure that you do not erase any good files, you may consider two safety rules:
    • Before doing anything, send all good messages you have in the Queue manager in order to make sure that the Queue Manager only contains the re-appearing messages.
    • As usual, a backup of all your Pegasus Mail data files is a good idea.

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