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Win7, 64bit -- cannot connect to networked mailbox

Last post 04-18-2011, 10:42 by bosjo. 0 replies.
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  •  04-18-2011, 10:42

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    Win7, 64bit -- cannot connect to networked mailbox

    I have a bizarre problem that has appeared after the illfated Microsoft update on the 14th. However, this problem seems to be different from the one described in another thread.

    1. If I try to connect with the mailbox as I did before the crash, it will not be found:


    2. If I try to connect to the mailbox using its network address instead of the mapped drive letter, the nailbox is found:

    However, when I close this window, this window appears:

    and then Pegasus crashes, regardless of which alternative I choose (after Yes/No another messagebox appears before the crash, saying that the network address is invalid).

    The confusing thing here is that Pegasus claims that the mailbox directory does not exist, but it HAS obviously found the root directory (or else it it would not be able to show that there is a user).

    Something obviously happened because of the update -- either because the system changed or because the system rebooted without permission (I forgot to change that; this is a new system) and did some harm to the Pegasus system. But I don't know what the latter could be; I have reinstalled Pegasus and searched the registry for strange pegasus related keys, but without any success. So my guess is that there is something new in the Win7 system handling of mapped drives or security, and that Pegasus is not equipped to handle that. I installed the M$ updates on my (old) XP system, and that can still open Pegasus and my mailbox without any problems. My Vista system can also open the mailbox without trouble (but I haven't updated it lately, and I turned off UAC on it).

    Any insight into what might casue this is welcome...

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