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Corrupted folders

Last post 01-23-2012, 19:59 by Jesus Pla. 3 replies.
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  •  01-20-2012, 16:25

    Corrupted folders

    I have the following problem.

    1. I check consistency in a big folder. There are problem with this folder, so ...

    2. I reindex it.

    3. I then find around 2000 messages appearing with  0 K, no information

    4. I delete them

    5. I try to recover the space to get rid of the problem.

    5. Same problem appears, so I go iteratively to 1

     Any solution ?  I have not lost mails, but I do not know how to get rid of such a hugen number of mails after checking consistency.





  •  01-20-2012, 21:17

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    Re: Corrupted folders

    If you don't need these 2000 Mails any more and the folder isn't about 2GB (check this before doing the following), it's simple:

    • save both folderfiles in filesystem (PMM/PMI)
    • open Pegasus
    • create a new folder 
    • move the other/good mails to that new folder
    • delete the old folder
    • rename new folder to old folders name
    • check filtering rules pointing to the old folder (point them to new folder) or may be options (if this folder is i.e. outbox/sent)

    If the folderfile PMM is near 2 GB, you should split into 2 new folders.

    bye   Olaf


  •  01-21-2012, 1:11

    Re: Corrupted folders

    >  Any solution ?  I have not lost mails, but I do not know how to get
    > rid of such a hugen number of mails after checking consistency. 

    1.  Move all the messages you want to save to a temp folder and
        delete all the messages in the original folder. 

    2.  Use the right click "recover deleted space" to remove all
        messages form the folder. 

    3.  If step 2 works then simply move all of the messages from the
        temp folder back to the original folder and delete the temp

    4.  If step 2 fails then delete the original folder and rename the
        temp folder to match the original name.  Reset the filter
        pointing to this folder. 

    Thomas R. Stephenson
    San Jose, California
    Member of Pegasus Mail Support Team

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  •  01-23-2012, 19:59

    Re: Corrupted folders

    Thank you so much !!! It worked so I have saved a lot of time and mails....

    Thanks a lot

    Big Smile 

    In any case I will use your advice and split large folders...


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