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Thomas Stephenson, a friend.

Last post 09-14-2012, 23:59 by David Harris. 0 replies.
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  •  09-14-2012, 23:59

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    Thomas Stephenson, a friend.

    On September 6th, Thomas Stephenson passed away in his sleep. Many of you will have encountered Thomas over the years - for over 15 years now, he has been a major driving force behind Pegasus Mail and Mercury, particularly in supporting those people who use them. Thomas was capable of handling support loads that to this day I can barely understand: having burned myself out on support years ago, it was always a source of ceaseless amazement to me that he could continue offering his help day after day without apparently ever tiring of doing so. In this role, he will be missed.

    Thomas was a vocal supporter and driver of the programs. When I had my "meltdown" in 2007, Thomas was one of the key steadying voices who helped me through the bad times, and his input into the shape and form of the programs for over 15 years simply cannot be measured. In this role, he will be missed.

    A few years ago, Thomas, and his wife, Donna, visited me in Dunedin, where I live. I had the privilege of spending most of a day with them, showing them around Dunedin and having lunch with them at a little restaurant by the beach. It is surprising how few of my long-term beta testers and supporters I have ever actually met in person - a fact that makes me quite sad any time I think about it, but at least I was fortunate enough to meet Thomas. In the fifteen years that I knew him, I came to regard Thomas as a real friend, and while that would have been true even if I had never had the opportunity to spend some time with him, the memories will be that much stronger and better for having done so. And it is in this role, as a friend, that he will be most missed of all.

    Rest easy, and rest well, Thomas.

    -- David --

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