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Last post 10-21-2012, 23:53 by erchess. 0 replies.
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  •  10-21-2012, 23:53

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    I would like to ask that anyone who knows of a free board where people help each other with Windows issues please tell me about it. If there are not many such sites that are as good as this one I would like to suggest that this board open a section on Windows issues. I already use the Kim Kommando site for windows issues and it is great I will concede.


    I have WIndows Seven Ultimate 64bit on my current system but for as long as I have had computers (which was long before there was windows) I have accidentally hit keyboard commands that made unwanted changes in my screen resolution and other settings. My problem is that I am uncoordinated and at least one keystroke in five is wrong and as many as five or six keystrokes in a row may be wrong. My first wish would be that windows have no keyboard commands at all (yes everything would be done by point and click except typing text) and my second wish would be that if there must be keyboard commands they should all involve more than three keystrokes to minimize the chances of hitting them by accident. If anyone knows of a suggestion for how I could decrease my problems by changing my behavior or of a way I could get my requests through to Microsoft I would be most appreciative. 

     My problem today was that when typing on a web form and intending to hit shift and a letter I hit control and a letter and immediately my screen zoomed in and my desktop icons got larger and because of their number and new size their order was deranged and some did not display. In the past I have manually adjusted the resolution to what I like and then manually rearranged my desktop but this time it occurred to me to do a system restore. That seems to have worked flawlessly although while the problem existed my blood pressure redlined until I did some calming exercises with which I have been taught to bring it down when it spikes. 

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