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Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

Last post 01-04-2013, 0:16 by CRFry. 5 replies.
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  •  10-29-2012, 0:07

    Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    I love Pegaus mail, and I'll be getting a Win8 machine soon.  I can't find any mention of whether and how well PM works on Windows 8.  Does it?
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  •  10-29-2012, 3:37

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    Re: Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    I took the $40 offer and changed a Vista laptop to Windows8 at the weekend. I reinstalled the whole OS (formatting the disk) to get a clean start. Windows8 is much more responsive than Vista!

    Pegasus has run fine so far.

    Also running Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Reader, FreeFileSync, Notepad++, TeamViewer, TrueCrypt and VLC Player. The ordinary stuff I have done with these has all worked so far. Looks like a good thing, worth $40 to get off Vista. You just have to find where the shutdown button, control panel and so on can be found.

  •  11-30-2012, 12:32

    Re: Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    In my hands (just one day of use in W8) it works fine without any problem. HOWEVER, I see the icons in the top of opened folders sometimes missing. I do not know if this has to do with screen, graphics etc, but it worked fine with W7....

    I do not  know any solution for this yet


  •  12-05-2012, 18:39

    Re: Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    Just a correction. My previous problem was derived from copying a different version of Pegasus. Therefore, it was my fault due to backuping..

     Conclusion, in my hands Pegasus works perfectly in Windows 8.






  •  12-30-2012, 9:03

    • Eloy is not online. Last active: 12-30-2012, 9:51 Eloy
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    Re: Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    Yes,  I have Microsoft Windows Mail, so I downloaded this and it works good.  The only thing is that you have to check your other email program in order to delete the emails because when you delete them in pegasus it doen't automstically delete them from your other email that talks to Pegasus.   have windows 8 and after you get your pop3 and smtp settings entered correctly, which took me a while.  I should have just read the little pop up box pegasus had a help link on it to go to the website where it tells you step-by-step what to enter into the blank fields for Pegasus to work right.  It's funny that little error box kept popping up, and I ignored it and kept trying to adjust my start up entries to no avail.  A word to the wise, when Pegasus gives you a pop up error box, read what the box says and do what it tells you to do and then life will be much better.  I was getting a "Runtime error 216" every time I closed Pegasus, but I don't think it came from Pegasus, so I invested in a repair tool and it took care of the problem.  I am very happy with my Pegasus mail program, I love all the spam blocking features.  And how Pegasus takes care of them.  When you're starting with Pegasus, if you get a spam (ie: Solicit Party with Assorted Message), you just highlight it and right click on it and have the email recognize the email AS SPAM, and you can also right click on NOT SPAM emails to train Pegasus to recognize those kind as NOT SPAM,  Enjoy!
  •  01-04-2013, 0:16

    • CRFry is not online. Last active: 23 Nov 2018, 18:32 CRFry
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    Re: Pegasus Mail on Windows 8?

    You will find the answer also to Win 8 64 bit in my query on the 12 Dec under Installing PM v 4.63 in Win 8 Pro (64 bit).   It has not been a problem happily!   I have been using the application since 1996.

     Rodney Fry

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