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Will 5.0 address these issues in 4.63

Last post 08-07-2013, 9:20 by Neil Fraser. 0 replies.
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  •  08-07-2013, 9:20

    Will 5.0 address these issues in 4.63

    1. Inserting a picture.

    Often, when creating a new mail, the first picture insert does nothing.  Sometimes but not always, the handles of a picture appear at the end of the mail (even if the picture was inserted at the beginning of the email), but without displaying the picture. This 'ghost' picture cannot be removed unless it is resized, and then it can be removed.  A second attempt to insert the same or any other picture always works.  This problem was half-fixed after I reported it some 3 years ago, but it's still not quite right.

    2. Retaining the picture contents in the copy of the sent file.

    Neither is the picture itself or a link to the picture retained in the copy of a sent file.  This effectively prevents resending the email at a later date, unless the greyed-out picture is deleted and is reinserted (if you can remember what the picture was or where it can be found on the hard disk).

    It would be very convenient if the picture information (e.g. link) was retained so that it is displayed when viewing the email in the 'Copies of emails sent' folder, and reinserted if the mail is resent. 

    3. Compressed archives.

    I have 125 folders containing emails sent and received.  The largest .pmm is 300 MB, and the average size is around 25 MB.  The total disk space used by all .pmm files is over 3 GB.

    Individually compressing the .pmm files with, for example, 7zip shows that the raw files can be reduced to between 12% and 55%. The 3 GB compresses to 1.2 GB (42%)

    A lot of disk space could be saved if pmail could save files in compressed form, rather like Word an Excel save to .docx and .xlsx.  It might also afford an easy way to encrypt the files at the same time.

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