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In response: Pegasus Mail v4.70 released.

Last post 04-12-2014, 20:58 by whiskyfizz. 3 replies.
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  •  03-10-2014, 21:20

    • Christopher Muñoz is not online. Last active: 2020/05/18, 15:54 Christopher Muñoz
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    Beer [B] In response: Pegasus Mail v4.70 released.

    Pegasus Mail v4.70 . . . another interim release. 

    I think this is remarkable.  Just remarkable.  

    Although I am not an early adopter, when I do upgrade to v4.70 I fully expect to notice every one of the enumerated improvements, with pleasure and appreciation.  

    Further, with respect to your expanded Sidebar comment at,

    David, everything you've ever posted has been elegantly written, and heartfelt.  I continue to miss your formerly annual Christmas Season letters to the community, but I do understand that their time has passed.   

    I well remember the unfortunate turn of events of early 2007, and I realize that the subsequent Pegasus Mail Thousand did not meet expectations.  Since I first came to know Pegasus Mail in the very early 1990s, it has been my clear sense that it has been a calling and a mission for you as much as a business, and perhaps even more so.  Were you better "at fundraising and self-promotion", you would be a different person, and not the David Harris who has made Pegasus Mail what it is, and a substantial part of your life's work as well.   

    You should be honored for that, and you are, by a great many.  Those who on occasion have "gone off" at you in these forums diminish only themselves.   

    No one can know assuredly what the future holds -- for Pegasus Mail / Mercury, for you, or for us out here in the provinces.  While I do not have a solution to propose for the continuing financial challenges confronting you, it is remarkable, in and of itself, that Pegasus Mail and you yourself have endured as it and you have, while the world has so much changed around us all.  

    I tip my hat to you, David, in honor.  

    - Christopher Muñoz

  •  03-11-2014, 4:23

    Re: In response: Pegasus Mail v4.70 released.

    In full support of the above, a dusty cowboy tips his hat to David Harris and joins the queue to express appreciation.
  •  03-14-2014, 4:29

    Re: In response: Pegasus Mail v4.70 released.

    Hi !

    It is great news to see yet another version of the flying horse, but it is also not so great to learn that the financial aspect of this adventure still remains unresolved. Maybe it is because David is not as talented to raise money as to code, or because humans tend to have a short memory and forget. Who knows. However, one can always try to submit ideas and that is what I am going to do.

    I have suggested elsewhere and several times some ideas regarding the financial dimension of Pegasus. The main one was to set up a sort of foundation funded by donations, the sum of which could then be managed by a fund to provide David a steady stream of income. In this respect I suggested the use of donation amount targets by means of status bars.

    The other idea I would like to offer is to split Pegasus into several parts. Let me develop further. Pegasus can be extended, and even to the core as I understood it, by using the SDK, so the idea is to retain a core part of the program that will be maintained and refined by David and will remain as a freeware, whereas other parts could be granted the "open source" status (and developed by using the SDK). This way, it will lighten the work load on David and it could benefit from the community. It is an firefox-extension like model of further development. If there are brave coders out there, a project to convert the initial code into Python could even be thought of. It would be a humongous work, but it would be for the best of the program. At least, it is my opinion. Finally, to generate some money, those SDK extensions could be sold for a tiny price, like 2 dollars and then 1 dollar every 5 years for the latest stable version. One could even think of targets amounts with status bar for specific extensions.

    I do not have money to help David nor any knowledge in computer science, but I hope my ideas could trigger some new ones that will help to achieve some kind of self-sustained financial schema to improve David's monetary situation. It would also help to have some data about the requirements like how much money is needed for a year. Shortly said, what are the needs ?

    Also, it could be useful to create or manage a thread that will list all the companies that use this remarkable piece of software professionally so that a commitment could be asked and a friendly reminder letter sent on a regular basis. This thread may be useful :

    Cheers !

  •  04-12-2014, 20:58

    Re: In response: Pegasus Mail v4.70 released.

    Hi !


    Well, you can see an example of the idea I suggested by looking at the community project page of ReactOS. I think maybe the crowdfunding scheme could be a good tool in helping David reach a stable financial position.


    Cheers !

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