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Content Filter stopped processing

Last post 04-11-2017, 21:38 by jbanks. 1 replies.
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  •  12-04-2016, 18:27

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    Content Filter stopped processing

    I currently have a rock solid Mercury/32 v4.73 installation which has been running for years on that old warhorse, Windows NT4.

    Recently, Mercury just started bypassing the Content Filter which has been configured to remove lots of local spam. I do not have the option  to upgrade to the 4,80 version of Mercury as NT4 is no longer supported due to Windows API dependencies.
    So that forces me back to figuring out what happened to the content filter.
    I'm pretty sure that no configuration changes were made to Mercury, and I tried to copy in a data file from an earlier, working backup but that didn't work either

    No errors are generated anywhere ....... Merc/32 just seems to ignore the content check.?

    Any suggestions please....


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  •  04-11-2017, 21:38

    • jbanks is not online. Last active: 07-17-2019, 4:38 jbanks
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    Re: Content Filter stopped processing

    Are you able to post what is in your content file for us to have a look at.  Also do you edit the file inside mercury where you have the option to click "check syntax"?

    Can you place a rule at the very top of the file that you know will trigger

    if header "from" matches "*@*" weight 99

    and see if it does, if it does then place it at the very bottom and see if it still triggers. 

    I recall that mine stopped working once even though mercury reported it not having any syntax errors and it turned out ( I can't remember exactly) but it only stopped working after a certain point in the file.  I found the problem by simply moving a rule I knew would trigger in different spots in the file. 

    Hope that makes sense.


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