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Pegasus mail and Android

Last post 07-29-2017, 15:04 by rocket. 5 replies.
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  •  07-18-2017, 13:52

    • chrisnd is not online. Last active: 07-22-2017, 19:02 chrisnd
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    Pegasus mail and Android

    HI all, I really hate to have to ask this - but it seems the best place to get a reliable answer. 

    Having finally been shoehorned into the smart phone world, in the absence of an android version of Pegasus mail, what is the android email client of choice for the cogniscenti please?



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  •  07-21-2017, 10:59

    Re: Pegasus mail and Android

    I would suggest K-9 mail


  •  07-22-2017, 0:42

    • irelam is not online. Last active: 05-31-2020, 18:35 irelam
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    Re: Pegasus mail and Android

    I agree, K9 is a very good email client for Tablets and Smart phones, it supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols. It has a filing system and Spam detection, as well as supporting Open PGP encryption.

    Unfortunately there is at present no Windows 10 version, but that doesn't seem to be your concern.  So download it from Google Pay or Samsung etc and away you go.  Just remember to write down your Windows Pegasus Mail settings for your ISP connections for POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP   Also if you are using Pegasus rules you should note the contents so you can attempt to convert them to K9.

    Good luck, and please don't forget to report back on your findings as I suspect there are others who might want to follow you.


  •  07-22-2017, 18:39

    • chrisnd is not online. Last active: 07-22-2017, 19:02 chrisnd
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    Re: Pegasus mail and Android

    After doing a number of searches and reviewing other reviews, I got down to this shortlist:

    Blue Mail, My Mail, and K-9, 

    Along the way I also looked at, Mailbox, Netease Mail Master, MailDroid (free), Mailwise and Nine but eliminated these on various grounds from adverts, not handling POP3 or other configuration issues. Even My Mail I eliminated in the end because of the ads!

    So this left Blue Mail and K-9 - both of which do the job  and have the ability to use folders. Blue Mail was particularly easy to set up and was able to do most settings (POP & SMTP) with hardly any input from me, whereas K-9 wanted the full chapter and verse and took several attempts to get SMTP working.

    K-9 has some spam trapping facility (not yet investigated) whereas Blue Mail has a rather neat way of being able to create task lists out of the incoming mail. Both can deal with more than one account but K-9 has an obvious way of using more than one identity. I suspect Blue Mail can too - but it is not currently obvious.  OTOH Blue mail has easy setups for signatures and so on and is generally more user friendly.

    At the moment I am running both together and at the end of the day I suspect it is a 'horses for courses' situation. If you want quick setup and use this only as secondary to your Pegasus mail elsewhere then go for Blue Mail. If you want something a bit more nuts and bolts, go for K-9 - at least until there is a Pegasus App!

    Hope this helps someone else!

    Chris D

    Ps. I may also look at Inbox by Gmail as a different slant on Gmail itself if the Gmail App starts to annoy me - but (a) that is not relevant here and (b) both of the above will also work with Gmail anyway. I just like things separate. Unsynced!

  •  07-23-2017, 21:25

    • PaulW is not online. Last active: 31 May 2020, 15:17 PaulW
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    Re: Pegasus mail and Android

    I use K9 on my smartphone - main reasons: easy to send from a different email address, and it does everything else I need.

    (This is one of the few clients that did this.)



  •  07-29-2017, 15:04

    • rocket is not online. Last active: 28/11/2019, 7:13 rocket
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    Re: Pegasus mail and Android

    I use K9 on my Z5 Compact smart phone.

    The only thing I don't like about K9 is it is too easy to send an email to the trash folder, but there is no way to move messages back from the trash folder to your inbox, or any other folder.

    Luckily, I don't let K9 delete emails from my server. I leave that up to Pegasus. 

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