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Pegasus Mail crashes while sending

Last post 01-19-2018, 11:37 by FJR. 3 replies.
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  •  01-06-2018, 18:38

    Pegasus Mail crashes while sending

    It happens every time I want to sent or forward a message.  Also the minidump file can’t be send by Pegasus Mail. Everything worked for years but on the 18 th dec I had to change the login mailserver for sending mails with encryption security (SSL via STARTTLS). It worked the first time but afterwards everything in Pegasus works fine only I can’t send mail from Pegasus.
    I use windows 10 pro - 10.0.16299 and get an application error code ID 1000.
    See annex.


    Win80/S12 ­ 64bit + Internet Explorer 11.00.16299.15 +
    Pegasus Mail 4.72 + PDFCreator +
    IERenderer (BearHtml
    Pegasus Mail's system information couldn't be attached due to the actual crash conditions. Please
    open Pegasus Mail's 'Help' menu, select 'About Pegasus Mail...' and press the 'Info' button: Now
    select all dialog text, copy it using 'Ctrl + C' and paste it into this message using 'Ctrl + V'.
    => Please also add some descriptional text to explain what happened before Pegasus Mail "crashed"!
    Pegasus Mail for Microsoft Windows
    Copyright (C) 1992­2015, David Harris, all rights reserved
    Electronic mail to
    WinPMail version: Version 4.72.572, Feb 19 2016, build ID 572
    Language resources: Standard UK English resource set
    Extension Manager version: 1.14
    Operating mode: Standalone
    User name and ID: eric, 0
    Windows version: 6.2
    Windows flag word: 0
    WINPMAIL.EXE directory: H:\shared programs\PMAIL\Programs
    Home mailbox location: I:\SHARED PROGRAMS\PMAIL\MAIL\ERIC
    New mailbox location: H:\SHARED PROGRAMS\PMAIL\MAIL\eric
    TMP environment variable: C:\Users\eric\AppData\Local\Temp
    TEMP environment variable: C:\Users\eric\AppData\Local\Temp
    LAN­based SMTP support: N, N, N
    NetWare MHS support: N, N, N
    Built­in TCP/IP support: Enabled
    ­ WINSOCK version: WinSock 2.0
    ­ WINSOCK path: WSOCK32.DLL
    Commandline: ­i eric
    Active ­Z options: 32768
    PMR variable: i:\shared programs\PMAIL\MAIL\sysadr
    PML variable: i:\shared programs\PMAIL\MAIL\sysmailL
    MAI variable: (None)
    NB variable: (None)
    Autofiltering folders: 1 (1 active, 0 inactive)
    Last new mail count: 0
    Message size soft limit: 0 bytes
    Message size hard limit: 0 bytes
    Attachment size soft limit: 0 bytes
    Attachment size hard limit: 0 bytes

    Windows application error:

    Naam van toepassing met fout: winpm-32.exe, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x56c65793
    Naam van module met fout: winpm-32.exe, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x56c65793
    Uitzonderingscode: 0xc0000409
    Foutmarge: 0x00352f68
    Id van proces met fout: 0x3278
    Starttijd van toepassing met fout: 0x01d3870441d96f45
    Pad naar toepassing met fout: H:\shared programs\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe
    Pad naar module met fout: H:\shared programs\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe
    Rapport-id: 86be6319-17b6-45f4-bd7d-6e346f3eb5a0
    Volledige pakketnaam met fout:
    Relatieve toepassings-id van pakket met fout: 

    - Provider

    [ Name] Application Error

    - EventID 1000

    [ Qualifiers] 0

    Level 2

    Task 100

    Keywords 0x80000000000000

    - TimeCreated

    [ SystemTime] 2018-01-06T16:30:47.520475600Z

    EventRecordID 10622

    Channel Application
    - EventData









    H:\shared programs\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe

    H:\shared programs\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe


    I can’t send any mail in pegasus because I got a crash while sending. Everything else works perfectly,
    incoming mail etc.

    Forum: Pegasus Mail Community Support
    Posted: Jan 6, 4:21 PM [GMT 1]
    Post Subject: Re: PM crashes while sending mail
    Post author: idw

    eric biesemans:
    Dump report:

    This isn't the dump, if you used the MiniDump extension for creating one you're supposed to just complete and send the message created by MiniDump for being sent with Pegasus Mail. Aside from the contents you posted (which, BTW, disclose details about your system configuration to the public) this message has an attachment which actually contains the memory dump to be analysed with debugging tools provided for software developers. Additionally it's always helpful to provide as many details as possible about the actions and conditons preceding a crash as Martin asked for.

  •  01-19-2018, 9:09

    • FJR is not online. Last active: 2018-08-22, 14:29 FJR
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    Re: Pegasus Mail crashes while sending

    Hi Eric,

    if it worked after chainging the encryption and provider didn't change back (tested that?), you should have a look at any files corresponding to sending mails.

    So first have a look at the mailqueue in Pegasus. Is there any mail? In case delete them all. Perhaps have a look at your saved drafts if there are any, you can delete and close Pegasus.

    Next have a look at the files ending on PNX, PMO (drafts), PMW and PMX in your mailbox directory. For any PNX there should be one of the others with same filename. Delete any PMW and PMX and corresponding PNX. If there remains any PNX afterwards - delete it! If there is any PMO with size 0 kb - delete it.

    Start Pegasus and try sending.

    Bye    Olaf

  •  01-19-2018, 10:15

    • idw is not online. Last active: Sat, Oct 20 2018, 0:00 idw
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    Re: Pegasus Mail crashes while sending

    Hi Olaf, how did you manage to start a new thread with an issue already handled (I could get the crash dump and asked David Harris for help)?


    PGP Key ID (RSA 2048): 0xC45D831B
    PGP Plugin for Pegasus Mail: <>
    S/MIME Certificate Fingerprint: 26 5c a3 60 02 c6 e3 8a 75 70 d5 6a 67 ff d3 8d b0 b5 5e 5b
  •  01-19-2018, 11:37

    • FJR is not online. Last active: 2018-08-22, 14:29 FJR
    • Top 25 Contributor
    • Joined on 05-10-2007
    • Dortmund / Germany
    • Star
    • Points 7,425

    Re: Pegasus Mail crashes while sending

    Hi Michael,

    hmm ... I simply answered the message. It seems Eric created two messages with slightly different subjects.

    bye    Olaf

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