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issue with mail delivery to public mail folder

Last post 02-09-2018, 22:44 by Brian Fluet. 1 replies.
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  •  02-07-2018, 11:40

    • Joerg is not online. Last active: 02-19-2018, 19:38 Joerg
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    issue with mail delivery to public mail folder

    Hi Guys,

    Since a few days we experience an oddity with our public mail folder.

    Following settings:

    Users have their own Pmail mailboxes which reside at the server where Mercury is forwarding their mails to. Mercury D is polling the single user mailboxes at the ISP and retrieving available mails to local user mailboxes. Additionally Mercury D is polling one ISP mailbox which have no local user assigned. By using an Alias ( > PUBLIC:path_to_folder) Mercury is putting all mails of this special mailbox into the folder defined in the Alias definition. In Pmail we have assigned this folder as a Public Folder where all users could simultaneously access to. Works fine so far.

    Since we changed our server from MS Server 2003 to MS Server 2016 Mercury is being started as a service without GUI. Only for configuration tasks I stop the Mercury service and start the Mercury GUI. Now we experience the following, when Mercury is running without GUI as a service: Mails, which are addressed to a local user and additionally in <cc:> addressed to the public mail address (or vice versa) do not reliably arrive in both inboxes. Sometimes they come and sometimes they arrive only at the user's mailbox but not in the Public Mailbox. I'm not able to recognize a pattern. Also the analyzing of the logs do not discover anything. The mails to Public keep disappeared.

    In comparison: when Mercury is manually started and is running with GUI, all mails appear as intended: Mercury D is polling the user mailbox at the ISP and retrieves and forwards the mail to user's inbox. Then Mercury D is polling the "Public Mailbox" at the ISP and retrieves the same mail (which was sent to Public Mailbox in CC:) again and forwards it to public folder as defined in the Alias definition.

    I have also made some test with and without msgid.mer which are situated in all user mailboxes, but without success.

    Has anybody a clue in this regard?





    In the meantime I'm not sure whether it depends on how Mercury is running (service or GUI). Rather it seems in case the mail contains both an address wich is assigned to an existing local user as well as an additional address (cc) which is assigned to an Alias (PUBLIC:), Mercury is prefering the local user and is forwarding the mail twice to the local user account but not to the public folder.

  •  02-09-2018, 22:44

    • Brian Fluet is not online. Last active: 02-19-2018, 22:05 Brian Fluet
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    Re: issue with mail delivery to public mail folder

    Hi Joerg,

    I'm just posting to say that I'm clueless.  Two areas where our usage of Mercury is different is yours being on a server and running as a service, mine is on a PC running the GUI.

    Your "update" seems to indicate that something is broken in the alias routing to the public folder.  A permissions issue to the public folder perhaps?  Article here on services and security contexts just in case it might be enlightening: 

    I also don't know why MSGIDS.MER isn't supressing the duplicates.  I wondered if messages aren't considered duplicate if TO: and/or CC: are different but, if it worked before, why not now???

    This will continue to roll around in my head and I'll certainly share any thoughts that may result. 

    Good luck my friend!

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