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Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

Last post 03-12-2018, 13:49 by sceneryguru. 4 replies.
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  •  03-01-2018, 18:36

    Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

    Good Afternoon:

    This AM when attempting to reply to a business e-mail I noticed that I couldn't send.

    No problem receiving mail. No changes to any of the setting...

    Was on the phone with AOL tech support, they were helpful but of no assistance.

    I can't prove it but I firmly believe that the difficulty lies in the Verizon/AOL SMTP server. 

    I use my Pegasus for business communications and have for years. I'm dead in the water... any constructive thoughts are gratefully accepted.

    Thank you

    Tom G, Sr. 


  •  03-01-2018, 19:13

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    Re: Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

    In case this is relevant...

    The following comment was recently posted in a discussion about an AOL login problem:

    Apparently AOL has recently changed their logon to require the full name, e.g., ""; not just "username"

    You might want to search out Verizon's most current connection requirements to check for any other changes (ports,SSL/TLS settings).

    Also, an internet session log may identify the point of failure.  Don't post a entire log though because it will contain credentials, possibly encrypted so as to be unrecognizable if you don't know what to look for, but it's easily decrypted.

  •  03-06-2018, 0:32

    Re: Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

    The problems started February 14/15.  I initially opened a ticket with the LOUSY AOL Support on 2/16.

    Oath is a subsidiary of Verizon but separate.  Oath is in the process of merging the email systems of AOL, Yahoo and Verizon.  In doing so they have fouled up the Verizon email services.

    When I initially opened the ticket with AOL this is what I experienced and it was with AOL POP3...

    When  [ which is the published address to use ] is used and it resolves to;   POP does not work correctly.

    When  resolves to;   POP works as expected.

    When the email client is hard coded for;   POP works properly

    It is now March 5 and  resolves to;

    Now SMTP is also problematic.

    Both;   and  resolve to;

    HOWEVER, now is NOT configured properly for TLS/SSL

    When  Verizon moved its email to AOL infrastructure we noted a similar issue.  rednoise is not online. Last active: 11-02-2015, 3:17 rednoise  came up with an eloquent solution using a SSL Proxy software called STunnel.

    RE:  Re: Pegasus Mail and Verizon FIOS

    The objective is to install STunnel as a NT Service [ "C:\Program Files\stunnel\bin\stunnel.exe" -install ]

    and then to edit its configuration file for Verizon servers;  C:\Program Files\stunnel\config\stunnel.conf

    and add...

    ; SSL connection to Verizon's POP3 server for Pegasus
    client = yes
    accept = 10995
    connect =

    ; SSL connection to Verizon's SMTP server for Pegasus
    client = yes
    accept = 10465
    ;connect =
    connect =

     STunnel will listen at Ports 10995 and 10465 on the local PC [ ] and when it sees activity at these ports it makes the secure connection at AOL Email servers using the TCP ports they require  but uses STunnel to provide the secure connection.


    In P-Mail go to;  Tools --> Internet Options --> Sending ( SMTP ) --> Add

    Give it a name such as "Verizon STunnel Proxy" and setup like the below...


  •  03-12-2018, 2:03

    • garyoa1 is not online. Last active: 03-16-2018, 15:37 garyoa1
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    Re: Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

    Actually, same problem here just popped up a few days ago. Receiving is fine, just can't send. I'm using my own domain. Interestingly I also use eudora for some other addresses and have no problem whatsoever with that. Same settings as peg. 
  •  03-12-2018, 13:49

    Re: Verizon Mail - Can't send Mail

    Just a quick update... my suspicions were correct in that my inability to send mail was a direct result of issues at AOL / Verizon. At this point things appear to be OK with an occasional hiccup.




    Tom G, Sr. 

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