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simple spam transaction filter rule - how should I code it?

Last post 11-27-2018, 15:14 by Anaglypta. 1 replies.
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  •  11-27-2018, 2:50

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    simple spam transaction filter rule - how should I code it?


    I get a lot of spam from fake TLDs like .info, .biz, .space, .null, .whatever (yes, that one as well). Over the years I've added rules in the transaction filtering file and have had great success this way. Every so often, they change their TLD and I have to add another but no big deal.  I only get a few if I catch it in time when they change the TLD and it might last a few months.

    Recently though, I started receiving emails from for example, but from a user named  I can't find a transaction filter that works on these emails as they are on the header of "mail from:".  I've not had a lot of success with global filtering for some reason.  This server supports only a few users and is running on a netbook so it doesn't have much horsepower.  Using the transaction filter along with Barracuda has worked great for year and seems to be pretty lightweight.

     So do I have to use global filtering or can I use transaction filtering in a different way?

    Thanks,  Great product and I really appreciate it.


  •  11-27-2018, 15:14

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    Re: simple spam transaction filter rule - how should I code it?

    Hello Jerry,

    Transaction filtering supports the "M" command which checks the Mail From field of the header. I use commands like this to filter unwanted "From" domains

    M, "**", BS, "554 Sender MAGIX.NET is sending unsolicited email - connection dropped."

    For instance,

    Hope this helps


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