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SSL certificate

Last post 05-05-2019, 14:32 by Rolf Lindby. 1 replies.
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  •  05-04-2019, 21:59

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    SSL certificate

    My server crashed and I had to reinstall mercury but I can't seem to get SSL connections working.  Are there any instructions on exactly what I should be doing.  I can verify online that my certificate is good but I just can't get it working in mercury?   All I have done is copy the certificate called mercurymailsystem.pem to the mercury directory and pointed ssl to that but I just keep getting a handshake error.   I also tried putting my private key in a file called mercurymailsystem.prk.pem but that didn't seem to help

     I think the most frustrating thing about this is that there are NO instructions so I'm just trying various things.  

  •  05-05-2019, 14:32

    • Rolf Lindby is not online. Last active: 2020-01-27, 21:58 Rolf Lindby
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    Re: SSL certificate

    Just to close the thread: The poster has discovered that the problem was that by mistake an old version of Mercury with an outdated SSL library had been installed.


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