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Allow Pegasus Mail users "From" display format options

Last post 05-28-2019, 14:03 by Shades. 1 replies.
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  •  05-27-2019, 17:26

    • MageMaster is not online. Last active: 05-30-2020, 16:57 MageMaster
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    Allow Pegasus Mail users "From" display format options

    I love Pegasus Mail client, but there is one thing that is missing.

    PM only has one [From] display format, the "Name (alias)."

    No other email client I've used in the past has that format. Others have formats like:

    1) "John Doe <>" (alias + email)

    2)  "" (email)

    PM needs to have a user options to choose [From] formats that would apply to the PM display AND send email.

    Suggest 3 options: [Name (alias], [alias + emil], [email]


    Which "Form" option would you use?

    • Name (alias) default (0%)
    • alias + email (100%)
    • email only (0%)
    • Total Votes: 1
    • Voting Ended: 7/26/2019

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  •  05-28-2019, 14:03

    • Shades is not online. Last active: 05-18-2020, 13:09 Shades
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    Re: Allow Pegasus Mail users "From" display format

    Not sure which Pegasus you are using but as far back as I can remember it has had (at least) two of your three choices


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