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Blacklists aren't working

Last post 05-29-2019, 11:58 by Anaglypta. 2 replies.
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  •  05-26-2019, 16:00

    • jeffn is not online. Last active: 05-30-2019, 13:09 jeffn
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    Blacklists aren't working

    My Mercury 4.80 server is not blocking any connections using the defined blacklists. From the mail server, I can take the IP address and do an nslookup from the command prompt on the server and get a positive response so I don't think it is a firewall issue. I am pasting my blacklist definition and MercuryS section from my mecury,ini file. Looking for any ideas on how to troubleshoot this. 



    Non-authoritative answer:

    Below is the blacklist definition from the MS_SPAM.MER file.

    Name: Spamcop
    Enabled: Y
    QueryType: Blacklist
    QueryForm: Address
    Strictness: Normal
    Action: Drop
    Parameter: Your IP Address is Blacklisted on

    Here is the MercuryS section from my mercury.ini file:

    Debug : 1
    Logfile : c:\mercury\logs\mercs.txt
    Size : 21000000
    Timeout : 120
    Relay : 0
    Strict_Relay : 0
    Alt_Server_Port : 2526
    Interface : 
    Allow_Illegals : 0
    SMTP_Authentication : 1
    Auth_File : c:\mercury\smtp_PW.txt
    Session_logging : C:\MERCURY\LOGS\smtps
    Session_logmode : 0
    Compliance_Settings : 800
    Maximum_Failed_Rcpts : 10
    Max_Relay_Attempts : 3
    SSL_Mode : 1
    SSL_Certfile : C:\MERCURY\certificate
    ST_Blacklisting : 288
    TF_Filename : TRANSFLT.MER
    No_VRFY : 1
    SMTP_ConnFlags : 0
    SSLD_Port : 465
    Compliance_Exceptions : 

  •  05-26-2019, 18:09

    • Rolf Lindby is not online. Last active: 2019-07-14, 19:21 Rolf Lindby
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    Re: Blacklists aren't working

    I'm not using DNSBL queries directly from Mercury myself, but I haven't seen any recent reports of such problems.

    If multiple name servers are specified you could verify that all work by including the server IP address in nslookup, for instance:


    If all respond correctly the next step could be to try it with the current beta version of Mercury, which has quite a lot of updates in the networking code. Post here and I'll provide a download link.



  •  05-29-2019, 11:58

    • Anaglypta is not online. Last active: 29 May 2019, 12:03 Anaglypta
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    Re: Blacklists aren't working

    Hello jeffn,

    Blacklists are working for me. I use Spamhaus lists MS_SPAM.MER:-

    Name: Spamhaus ZEN
    Enabled: Y
    QueryType: Blacklist
    QueryForm: Address
    Strictness: Range -
    Action: Reject
    Parameter: Message Rejected - Matched SPAMHAUS ZEN

    Name: Spamhaus DBL
    Enabled: Y
    QueryType: Blacklist
    QueryForm: Domain
    Strictness: Range -
    Action: Reject
    Parameter: Message Rejected - Matched SPAMHAUS DBL


    Has Spamcop changed their result codes recently?


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