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utf-8 encoded Reply-To causing delivery failures in autoreplies

Last post 09-30-2019, 20:02 by Brian Fluet. 0 replies.
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  •  09-30-2019, 20:02

    • Brian Fluet is not online. Last active: 12-13-2019, 22:07 Brian Fluet
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    utf-8 encoded Reply-To causing delivery failures in autoreplies

    I'm starting to see more utf-8 encoded headers which seems to only be a problem when the Reply-to header is encoded and a autoreply is generated by a FORWARD file.

    Of course the autoreply fails but what I'm curious about is what the message attached to the delivery failure notice shows the header as decoded yet the body of the rejection message itself shows the header encoded (examples are per below).  I would be grateful for an explanation of why this is so as to get an idea how to create a filter that will block such autoreplies.

    Message headers as per attachment to delivery failure message:

        Subject:    [Autoreply] Re: The Talk of the Town Starts with You!
        Date sent:    Mon, 30 Sep 2019 11:20:23 -0400


    Delivery failure message shows:

     The attached message has failed delivery and has been referred
    to you as postmaster. The following error report or reports
    were given to explain the problem:

       *** =?utf-8?q?partstownsurveys=40partstown=2Ecom?=
       User =?utf-8?q?partstownsurveys=40partstown=2Ecom?= not known at this site.


    This is the Reply-To header of the original message:

       Reply-To: =?utf-8?q?partstownsurveys=40partstown=2Ecom?=

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