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HTML in replies

Last post 11-27-2019, 22:28 by Rob Hart. 3 replies.
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  •  11-26-2019, 0:03

    • Rob Hart is not online. Last active: 11-27-2019, 22:59 Rob Hart
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    HTML in replies

    Hi Folks,


    I work for computer co and we have a Business client who uses Pegasus Mail for their main account.

    Recently I upgraded them to the latest version, Since then they haven't been getting the text of the email they're replying too in the replies they send. I went and found the Reply options and changed them and that was great, except that we then found that the emails were unreadable at the client end.


    I sent a test email, formatted as html, all it said was "Test to check formatting" and I attached a picture.  It was received and quite readable.

    I replied with Include text ticked and For replies to HTML, preserve the formatting... ticked.

    I got the following:

    Content-type: Multipart/Related; boundary="Message-Boundary-245"
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
    <html  xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"><head>
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"/>
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt">does this
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
    <div align="left">
    <hr width="100%" align="left"/>
    <font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><i>Date
    sent:</i></span></font><font face="Arial"><span style="
    26 Nov 2019 11:17:05 +1300</span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><i>Subject:</i></span><span style="
    of html</span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><i>From:</i></span><span style="
    Hart &lt;;</span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><i>To:</i></span><span style="
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial" size="2"><span style=" font-size:10pt">Test to
    check formating</span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><b>DUNEDIN CARPET FLOORING</b></span></font><font face="Times New
    Roman" size="4">
    <span style=" font-size:16pt"><b>X</b></span></font><font face="Times New
    Roman"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><b>TRA</b></span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><b>Stone Street, Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin
    <div align="left"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style="
    font-size:12pt"><b>T&amp;F: 03 453 0795</b></span></font></div>
    <div align="left"><font face="Times New Roman"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><b>E:
    </b></span></font><a href="">
    <font face="Times New Roman" color="#0000ff"><span style="
    <div align="left"><a href=""><font face="Times New
    Roman" color="#0000ff"><span style=" font-size:12pt">
    <div align="left"><font face="Arial"><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
    <div align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>
    And that is in a mail program that is happy handling HTML.
    What have I got wrong? 
    If I can't solve this I may have to migrate them to another pgm and they have lots of folders that would need to be processed so I don't want to do that.


  •  11-27-2019, 3:50

    Re: HTML in replies

    It is difficult to say as I don't know your settings but I'm assuming it was working fine before upgrading Pegasus Mail to its last version (4.73).

    This version works just fine with formatted messages (HTML) but changes were made to its renderers to correct small problems, so it is advisable to download and replace either BearHTML or IERenderer or both. Their last versions are available in the Download section of this Community.

    Now, considering the HTML message content you mentioned, did you paste that from another editor source? Pegasus Mail does not have a HTML editor. It uses RTF in its editing windows and converts it to HTML on sending. If you want to insert HTML into a message use Paste special... or Import HTML file, the latter not very dependable with some HTML structures.


    euler f german
    sete lagoas, mg, brazil
    Pegasus Mail 4.73.639 - Windows 7 Ultimate
    BearHTML IERenderer
    Operating mode: Standalone

    InsPMDic — Pmail v5 Dictionary Handler Add-on (see blog)
  •  11-27-2019, 10:27

    • idw is not online. Last active: Fri, Dec 13 2019, 7:07 idw
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    Re: HTML in replies

    Attachment: Settings.jpg

    Euler GERMAN:
    It is difficult to say as I don't know your settings but I'm assuming it was working fine before upgrading Pegasus Mail to its last version (4.73).

    If I understand this correctly the only thing that needs to be done is to (re)enable MIME features (I had this disabled by accident recently): Go to Tools => Options => Outgoing mail => Messages and replies and enable Use MIME features. Close and restart Pegasus Mail to make sure it will be kept permanently in case Pegasus Mail crashes before closing it next time.


    PGP Key ID (RSA 2048): 0xC45D831B
    PGP Plugin for Pegasus Mail: <>
    S/MIME Certificate Fingerprint: 94 c6 b4 71 0c 62 30 88 a5 b2 77 01 74 2b 86 66 3b 7e 65 7c
  •  11-27-2019, 22:28

    • Rob Hart is not online. Last active: 11-27-2019, 22:59 Rob Hart
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    Re: HTML in replies

    Ah, that's it. I missed that one in going through the settings. Thank you.

    Well at least everything else is now up-to-date as well.

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