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Forwarded messages in Queue window

Last post 12-11-2019, 14:14 by Euler GERMAN. 3 replies.
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  •  12-10-2019, 21:38

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    Forwarded messages in Queue window

    Minor niggles it would be nice to see fixed in the next version (if not already):

    When forwarding a message, the first time the outgoing queue is viewed the message does not appear, but closing and reopening the queue makes it show up.

    Also when working with maximised child windows , the "x" to close does not appear when a window first opens but clicking to another window and back sorts it out.

    Enough niggles, none of these would stop me using Pegasus - I get a warped sense of satisfaction every time I hear colleagues moaning about outlook with a corrupted index or similar issues.

    Various other mail programs take ownership of ".eml" files and change their last modified date, and make unwanted changes to mail before you get a chance to see it.

    The only down side is I often end up being the one to do things like forwarding messages "as is", searching through 10's of thousands of messages without setting hours aside, or examining headers or raw email data that others can't get at easily.

    Been with Pegasus since Nineteen-Ninety-something running in Dos on a Novell network, so really looking forward to V5.


  •  12-10-2019, 22:12

    • Brian Fluet is not online. Last active: 05-31-2020, 20:41 Brian Fluet
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    Re: Forwarded messages in Queue window

    One of the 4.7x versions included a fix to the behavior of the queue manager window.  I don't remember the specific problem but suggest you confirm you are running v4.73.

    Also, a known problem that I believe goes back to the first Pegasus Mail on a Windows OS is the behavior of Pegasus Mail child windows when it's main window is run maximized.  We know that affects the saving of the desktop state but I also wonder if it might be causing the problem you describe with child windows.  Try running with it windowed and stretched full screen.

  •  12-11-2019, 10:47

    • roly_p is not online. Last active: 12-18-2019, 11:23 roly_p
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    Re: Forwarded messages in Queue window

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for replying, I have just installed Pegasus 4.73 and realised when re-testing I'd forgotten another bit of information. The problem only occurs when you select "Forward the message without editing" and is still happening on 4.73. Presumably the processes behind the scenes differ slightly when pressing "Forward" at this point from what happens when you press "Send" on an edited message.

    Unfortunately running with the preview window stretched often results in the next child window appearing in a position where part of it is off screen and scrollbars are introduced. The 2 problems are linked in that the only way to get the freshly forwarded message to appear in the queue is to close and reopen the queue window, but the button to close it isn't there when it first appears. Have realised that Ctrl-F4 is a quicker way to close it, so will try and train my brain to use that.

  •  12-11-2019, 14:14

    Re: Forwarded messages in Queue window

    That's correct. The "problem" I think is because when you forward without editing the message is build on its "final form" and so no more editing is allowed. My bet is that David H. didn't find useful to refresh the queue pane to show it. It would be nice though as the user could confirm his action was correctly performed.

    And as mentioned behind, closing and opening the queue pane will show (refresh) the forwarded message waiting for the next polling.


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