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How to find a mail directory (sub-folder) ...

Last post 01-02-2020, 19:47 by Brian Fluet. 1 replies.
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  •  01-02-2020, 18:32

    How to find a mail directory (sub-folder) ...

    Good afternoon.

    I seem to have lost a mail sub-folder - at least I cannot find it. If I search for some messages that I know should be in a certain folder, they are found - all of them - and correctly listed, along with their (missing) sub-folder name. However, I cannot find the sub-folder anywhere (well I am sure that I can claim to have searched the entire hierarchy).

    Although the "found" list includes the folder name, there seems to be no way in the found message list to navigate to the folder name, nor to get transferred to the folder in question, for example by clicking or right-clicking on the folder name displayed in the "messages-found" list. Furthermore, apparently we cannot search for a sub-directory by name either.

    Does anyone have any hints? If not may I request the following additional features at a future update:


    1. That the full path to the sub-directory containing "found" messages after a search, be displayed in the list of results (it needn't all be shown initially as the column could be horizontally expandable or scrollable);


    2. That clicking on the sub-directory entry in the "found messages list", a pop-up dialogue is created which shows the full path to the selected message.

    That is, unless some way of doing this has exceped my attention.

    Many thanks,

    Kenneth Spencer (about 24 or 25 years a Pegasus Mail user)

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  •  01-02-2020, 19:47

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    Re: How to find a mail directory (sub-folder) ...

    This can happen when there is a duplicate Pegasus Mail folder name, even if they are in different Trays.

    You can check for a duplicate folder name by searching HIERARCH.PM for multiple hits on that folder name.

    If you find this is the case, make note of the filename and tray name for each one.

    Entries in HIERARCH are in the form:


    The filename is the 8 characters following the second colon (FOL03D5F in this example).

    Below is a method that I'm pretty certain will work but as I've typed this I started to wonder whether simply changing the "FolderName" portion of one of the entries will solve the problem.  You can try it if you like, just have a safety copy of HIERARCH.PM to restore if it doesn't work.

    Here is the method that I'm pretty sure will work:

    Once you have the filenames, make sure Pegasus Mail is closed and that you have a backup of your mailbox directory. 

    Navigate to your mailbox directory using a file explorer and move one of the above found filename.PMM and .PMI file pairs to a temporary location. 

    Start Pegasus Mail.  You should now see one of the missing folders in the folder list.  Rename it.

    Close Pegasus Mail.

    Copy the moved PMM & PMI files back to the mailbox directory.

    Start Pegasus Mail.  You should now see the other missing folder.

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