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Very slow opening of mail

Last post 01-07-2020, 17:15 by Vito A.. 2 replies.
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  •  01-07-2020, 15:40

    • Vito A. is not online. Last active: 01-17-2020, 10:18 Vito A.
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    Very slow opening of mail


    I am using Pegasus for a couple of years. With no or small problems. Now I have a bigger problem and I need some help.

    Today in the morning I noticed that mail opening is very, very slow. From double click on mail to the time I can read it takes about 1 minute. New mail downloads to local SSD.

    During these 60 seconds, PMail window goes gray and Task manager reports "Not responding". After 60 secs everything works.

    I tried a lot of stuff:
    - update to the latest version
    - brand new installation
    - restore from backup from yesterday
    - deleting of older mail
    - changed browser settings
    - installed HTML renderer
    - uninstalled HTML renderer
    - tested HTML and TXT mail - both are slow to open

    What is slow?
    - mail open (HTML, TXT, with or without attachments)
    - reply to mail
    - start new mail
    - send all queued mail

    What is fast as before?
    - retrieve mail from server
    - delete mail
    - move mail to another folder
    - send mail to the queue manager
    I used stopwatch - every time 60seconds.

    Windows 8,1, no updates lately (as far as I know). My wife has the same configuration, no problems.

    Any idea what to check?


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  •  01-07-2020, 16:04

    • Brian Fluet is not online. Last active: 01-29-2020, 16:06 Brian Fluet
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    Re: Very slow opening of mail

    Here are my notes-to-self on slowness.

    In the Pegasus Mail menu Tools > Options > General settings > Advanced settings  ensure that the "Load Windows Internet Services" option is set to "Always"

    Make sure you have a default printer in place and that it is accessible by the OS.  Pegasus Mail attempts to poll the default printer driver for font information.  If one is not installed it will cause delays.  Some printer drivers poll the printer itself in which the printer being turned off or not available (eg: network printer not accessible) will cause the delays.

  •  01-07-2020, 17:15

    • Vito A. is not online. Last active: 01-17-2020, 10:18 Vito A.
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    Re: Very slow opening of mail

    Beer I changed the default printer and it works now like before! THANK YOU!
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