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Scalable fonts

Last post 02-16-2020, 2:28 by ehasbrouck. 0 replies.
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  •  02-16-2020, 2:28

    Scalable fonts

    It's been mentioned in a several threads in the "support" forum, and I have always assumed that it woull bepart of Pmail v.5, but just to be sure that it is on the list here: The most imporetant change that needs ot be made to keep Pmail usable for mnay users is to have properly scalable fonts throughout the application, replacing all current bitmapped fixed-size fonts.

    This is a growing problem because (1) all of us are aging, incluidng of course long-time Pmail users, and vision tends to decline with age, and (2) the fixed-pixel-count fonts look smaller and smaller on displays with higher resolution.

    Ironically, Pmail can he hardest to use for users with the highest-resolution displays.

    The addtional irony is not lost on me that this has become of increading importance ot more Pmail users even while David harris has struggled with reduced vision. I hope for continued improvement in davi'd vision, but also for improved usability fo Pmail v. 5 for users with limited vision.

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