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Pegasus on a laptop?

Last post 03-02-2020, 16:07 by idw. 6 replies.
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  •  02-29-2020, 4:56

    Pegasus on a laptop?

    I have a part time home based business and about 1-2 times a week, a client emails me while I'm out in the field, and wants a quote. I have a 1 page macro on my PC at home, for quoting clients, but NOT on my phone, so I lose some business. If they're in a hurry and I don't get home for a few hours, I can lose at least $80 in business. They email someone else.

    So if I get a Windows 10 laptop, will Pegasus run on that? ( linked through my phone, to my provider )

    And are there ways of setting things up, so of the laptop is closed, it can still sound an alarm telling me that I have incoming email?

  •  03-01-2020, 0:40

    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    Am I smelling Mercury-32 here? I'm quite certain Frederik M. Balster-Philips van Buren (from Sweeden) used something like you described. Alas, he's away from the Community Forum & PM-WIN list from quite a time.


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  •  03-01-2020, 4:01

    • Brian Fluet is not online. Last active: 04-08-2020, 19:19 Brian Fluet
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    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    Pegasus Mail will run on a Windows laptop.  If the laptop can use a personal hotspot created by your phone then Pegasus Mail would function.  It can not provid notifications when the laptop is closed.  It can only retrieve new messages and provide notification of those messages when it's running and a closed laptop is a sleeping laptop.   A workable alternative might be to use your phone for notifications (email via IMAP) and then fire up the laptop and Pegasus Mail to respond.

    As for Mercury, I don't think it would help with what you need.  It's a mail server so the connection/notification issues are the same.

  •  03-01-2020, 19:36

    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    Thanks guys! I think I've got it. Now I need to get the laptop...
  •  03-02-2020, 13:55

    • Joerg is not online. Last active: 04-08-2020, 20:06 Joerg
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    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    Keep in mind, when running e-mail clients on different machines (irrespective of whether it is Pegasus or any other mail client), which should retrieve mails from the same ISP mailbox, you may divide all incomming mails to your different machines! First request - first serve. Means, some mails finally reside at your office machine and other ones, when the laptop is calling your ISP mailbox, could end up at your laptop. Think about IMAP instead of POP3 where all mails will be kept on a server (i.e. your internet mail provider) und each mail client will see the same mail stock.

    I don't wanna see any blames here, that Pmail is not able to retrieve all mails on different machines  Big Smile Only fun.

    Mercury 4.81.187 @Windows Server 2016, with 16-100 user licence
    Pegasus 4.73.639, network installation
  •  03-02-2020, 15:05

    • caisson is not online. Last active: 03-29-2020, 14:57 caisson
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    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    I have Pmail installed on an external ssd which I can run from my laptop or desktop as needed. look at the Roam option.
  •  03-02-2020, 16:07

    • idw is online. Last active: Thu, Apr 09 2020, 0:06 idw
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    Re: Pegasus on a laptop?

    Attachment: Delete.jpg

    I don't wanna see any blames here, that Pmail is not able to retrieve all mails on different machines  Big Smile Only fun.

    Just for the record: You may set up POP3 accounts with the Delete mail on server ... option disabled:


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