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Mercury/32 User Defined Gateway and highbit characters

Last post 01-13-2008, 17:39 by Thomas R. Stephenson. 0 replies.
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  •  01-13-2008, 17:39

    Mercury/32 User Defined Gateway and highbit characters

    If you are using Mercury/32 with personal names that use high bit characters you should replace the ~p with the ~o in the user defined gateway.  This will allow your highbit characters to be used properly.  Here's what the UDG should look like when viewed with pconfig.exe run from the WinPMail program directory.


     Gateway name :  MERCURY
                *New mail path :
        Is ? a program to run? :  N
         *New mail search mask :
           *Outgoing mail path :  C:\MERWIN\QUEUE
        *Run for outgoing mail :
              *Filename format :  ~d~d.101
       Run to validate address :
         *Reply address format : ["~o" <
       Accepts SMTP addresses? :  Y
       Simple message headers? :  'Glue' headers
         UUEncode attachments? :  Y
               Burst messages? :  N    Gateway processes BCC? : N
           Strip gateway name? :  Y
       Force all mail through? :  N

      Format Pegasus Mail should use to compose the 'From' field for
      the message. ~8 or ~n indicate where the name should be placed.
    Thomas R. Stephenson
    San Jose, California
    Member of Pegasus Mail Support Team

    I do not answer private messages from the forum. If you want to contact me use email to
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