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Temporary error 249

Last post 03-14-2008, 2:58 by Frankie4260. 4 replies.
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  •  03-11-2008, 20:42

    Temporary error 249

    I'm using Mercury/32 version 4.52 which came with XAMPP. I'm using XAMPP for local developing and testing of my osCommerce store. When I try to send an email from osC (which is basically PHP) I get no error from osC but the email goes nowhere and I get this error in my log ( is the domain of the address I'm trying to send to): 

    Temporary error 249 (temporary MX resolution error) resolving ''.

    Any help stirring me in the right direction will be most appreciated!

  •  03-12-2008, 1:42

    Re: Temporary error 249

    You need to put the IP address of your DNS server in the mercuryE config dialog.

    Windows is not supplying it for you. 

  •  03-13-2008, 21:24

    Re: Temporary error 249

    Thanks for your response.  I was having trouble with the version of Mercury/32 which came bundled with XAMPP as the interface would not allow me to save any of my changes. I downloaded a fresh version of Mercury/32 and got it configured without any issues. Thanks!


  •  03-13-2008, 23:31

    Re: Temporary error 249

    Yes thats it, in the [MercuryE] section.

    At a command prompt type "ipconfig". This will give you your primary DNS server for your internet connection.

    If you have more than one, put them in this format (comma-delimited no spaces except after the :)

    Nameservers :,

    XAMPP seems to install mercury improperly as a few XAMPP users have reported inability to change settings.

    Check what user Mercury is running as, and the rights to the mercury dir & files, also read only status of mercury.ini.

    You may be better off dumping the XAMPP semi-set-up version and installing the proper way from the file available at .


  •  03-14-2008, 2:58

    Re: Temporary error 249

    Oops, I did not see your answer when I edited my previous one. You are exactly right, the main problem was my not being able to make changes and save them as I was testing my settings. I downloaded a fresh version from, got it working and then copied the mercury ini setting to my XAMPP version. All seems well now.  Much appreciate your help!
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