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A brief overview of Pegasus Mail

Now in its nineteenth year of service, Pegasus Mail is far and away the longest-serving e-mail package for DOS and Windows-based systems. Whilst it is extremely small and fast, no other program can boast the range of features offered by Pegasus Mail: whether you are a novice user or a power mailer, this program will give you the tools you need to do anything you could ask with your mail.

Highlights from the program include the following:

  • Protocol support: Pegasus Mail supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, PH - in other words, every major mail protocol in widespread use on the Internet.
  • Security:  Above all, Pegasus Mail is safe. It offers the greatest possible protection from viruses, trojan horses, web bugs and the other evils that bedevil other mail programs. It also goes to great lengths to ensure your privacy.
  • Filtering: Pegasus Mail introduced the world to mail filtering back in 1990, and seventeen years on, its filtering power is still unequalled by other mailers. With general filtering, content-based filtering and a powerful Bayesian anti-spam filter, you can take control of your mail and automate almost everything you do.
  • Templates and other automation options allow you to speed up your mail handling dramatically
  • Built-in MailMerge allows you to automate personalized mailings easily and powerfully.
  • Mailing lists give you tools to manage and distribute mail for almost unlimited numbers of users
  • Public folders allow messages to be shared and viewed by multiple users

... actually on second thoughts, let's stop there: the program has so many features that we simply can't list them all here. Please check out the full feature list to get an idea of how powerful this program really is, or even better, download it and try it out.

Pegasus Mail is free, provided as a service at no cost for the benefit of the broader Internet community.

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