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  • Re: Adding text to the subject

    Hello ! I used Martin's solution and it is perfectly working. I combined both adding a new header and coloring the emails. Thank you very much. Whiskyfizz.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by whiskyfizz on August 4, 2012
  • Re: Adding text to the subject

    I am a bit confused by the previous answers. On the one-hand, it seems possible to add a customed header to any incoming email using the appropriate filter rule, but on the other hand this possibility will only be effective with outgoing emails. Does this mean that for incoming email such a filtering rule will have no effect at all ? I think there ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by whiskyfizz on August 3, 2012
  • Re: Adding text to the subject

    Hello ! Thank you for your reply. So it is not possible to add some text to the subject of an email. However, by wandering into the filter capabilities of Pegasus Mail, I noticed something about adding a ''header''. One way of resolving my problem could then be to add such a header, [personal] when the address is personal and the same when it is ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by whiskyfizz on August 3, 2012
  • Adding text to the subject

    Hello all ! The best of the best are actually competing in the olympic games, but I guess for matters regarding the flying horse, this is the olympic community. That said, I have a small question about automatic filtering. Indeed, I would like to add an expression to the subject line of emails satisfying a particular trigger condition. For ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by whiskyfizz on July 29, 2012
  • Re: Features for filters

    Good evening ! Thank you very much for this quick answer. You saved me a lot of trouble and time. Maybe this link could be inserted into a sticky post for everyone to see ? Best ! Whiskyfizz.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by whiskyfizz on March 7, 2012
  • Re: Features for filters

    Hello ! I have a big problem when launching Pegasus Mail. It seems the new mail folder contains a message that makes the filter rule hang for so long that my computer shuts down. I would like this folder not to be filtered and to do that I need to modify with a text editor the corresponding file. In short, I need to erase the content of the new ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by whiskyfizz on March 6, 2012
  • Re: A small suggestion regarding comments possibilities

    Hi all ! &nbsp; I see David has been recently struck by a bolt of blues about his work and the community but I hope he will find the inner strenght to get up, stand up on his feets and keep going forward. That said, I am taking this thread out from the forgotten depths of this forum in order to ask David if he has implemented my suggestion in ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by whiskyfizz on February 12, 2012
  • Pegasus Mail on facebook

    Hello all ! To my great surprise, Pegasus Mail has a facebook page : &nbsp;which seems at an early stage of development. Cheers !
    Posted to Site Feedback (Forum) by whiskyfizz on May 14, 2011
  • A displaying suggestion

    Hello all ! Well, it seems the flying horse is still flying ... good :-). According to some posts, there is a new mail storing architecture that will soon accompany a future version of Pegasus Mail. In this respect, I would like to suggest the following addition. Assume you have trays containing folders, and to be precise let's say there are 100 ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by whiskyfizz on May 12, 2011
  • Re: Mercury development plan and other questions

    Hi all ! Following the criticism of Konrad Hammerer about Pegasus being so old fashioned that some users do not even want to try it, I think that making it skinable could reverse this trend. I have made this suggestion elsewhere, and I think some people here said it was a good idea. I hope David will take that into account in the rewriting of the ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by whiskyfizz on February 11, 2010

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