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  • Re: Problem with 64bit Windows and v4.61

    I am facing the same problem. I am running Pegasus 4.61 on Ubuntu Maverick via Wine. It is an AMD64 type of architecture. The program crashes every single time I try to run it delivering the same error message as above.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on February 25, 2011
  • Add Mailing List Page

    I suggest to add the Pmail mailing lists to this site.
    Posted to Site Feedback (Forum) by Eliel Salles on April 28, 2009
  • Re: Linux : Wine and pegasus beta

    When I run the spell check application and leave its window open I can use any part of pegasus without having the program exiting. I have ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. Eliel
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on February 26, 2009
  • Pop3 filtering rule help

    My wife and I share the same mailbox use but different e-mail addresses. How can I set a pop3 filtering rule to download the same distribution list message in both of our computers? I am asking this question because we often receive a distribution list message where the From and To fields in the header are the same. Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on October 3, 2008
  • Re: brazillian portuguese translator

    Hi Mauro, I am brazilian too and I have been using pegasus mail for about 10 years now. It will be great if we can have this software available for the brazilian/portuguese community. It is simply the best one available.  Eliel 
    Posted to International Pegasus Mail (Forum) by Eliel Salles on September 20, 2008
  • Re: Pegasus via Wine

    The closing the window problem is gone. I downloaded some ubuntu packages updates recently and it seems like these packages is what solved the problem. The sending problem still remains though.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on September 22, 2007
  • Re: Pegasus via Wine

    Thank you for your reply Thomas. I have just updated Wine to the version 0.9.45 and now I am able to open Pegasus and work on it. But when I attempt to send a message or close any window in the program Pegasus exit. Do you know of any workaround to solve this problem? I've done some Google search but found nothing to help on this matter. Thanks ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on September 20, 2007
  • Pegasus via Wine

    I am running Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 on my laptop. I have installed Pegasus 4.41 (standalone) via Wine version 0.9.43. I am able to open Pegasus via Wine after the installation only the first time I try. Any other time I try Pegasus simply doesn't start. Sometimes it brings the splash screen with the Pegasus icon up and freezes there never starting ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Eliel Salles on September 19, 2007
  • Re: Reply text color

    The text color option for replies only work when I use this option with the quoted sign ''&gt;'' checked. When I uncheck ''Prefix text included from the original with ''&gt;'' markers the text color is always the default (black).&nbsp;I usually reply to clients inquiries using a different color. The problem I am having is that for every message I ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by Eliel Salles on June 10, 2007
  • Reply text color

    Would it be possible to add in the tools/incoming mail/message reader settings the possibility of changing the text color of the message received without using the quote sign (&gt;)?
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Suggestions (Forum) by Eliel Salles on June 10, 2007
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