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  • Re: More on Mercury IMAP problems

    I've basically given up on Mercury IMAP. IMAP problems are the #1 reason I'm having to migrate our company from Mercury to Exchange. Granted we're probably a worst-case small business scenario for any IMAP server. * 50 employees, half of whom carry iPhones or iPads for email. * Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 are all in use around the ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by TDThompson on August 1, 2016
  • Mercury IMAP problems

    We have been fighting IMAP problems for some time now.  Probably the worst has been users who are trying to connect with more than 1 device at the same time.  If one of the clients is Thunderbird, It will regularly report ''Folder in use by other connections''.  Others will fail in more subtle ways.  Very commonly a user will ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Gusg on May 3, 2016
  • Email Content Not Downloading on iOS Devices from Mercury IMAP

    I have been using Mercury for many years and I have always had a problem with receiving of emails completely in my iOS devices over IMAP. If I use Thunderbird, it will download the complete content of the emails and in the iOS devices it will only retrieve the headers close to half of the time. When you select any of the emails that are not there ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by StephenKovacsiss on May 1, 2016
  • Re: IMAP problems

    I'll hook on to this thread with my problems with IMAP.. I have a couple of IMAP folders that give the same problem: shortly after connecting the  error message in the attachment is displayed. This error appears with the folder open and pmail idle (doing regular checks for new mail), and also if I am reading a message and then want to move ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Henkjan on April 4, 2016
  • IMAP server protection against brute force login attack

    Judging by the IMAP log, we have recently been the subject of a brute force attack on our Mercury based IMAP server. The Mercury manual is a bit vague, but implies that steps are taken to temporarily (30 min) blacklist misbehaving IP addresses. There is an option to override the short term blacklist, but no description about what would trigger the ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by sjmullock on February 22, 2016
  • IMAP problems

    I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 and my Pegasus program quit working.  After days of messing around with the settings I gave up and contacted my ISP for help.  They require IMAP now, and walked me through the settings.  I was able to download, but could not send at that time.  Now, I've gotten the SEND to work, but now the ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Valerie on February 5, 2016
  • Graphics and HTML

    I am an unsophisticated old man, with only a hazy idea of email protocols.  So be patient with me...  I have used Pegasus for decades, as a POP-3 client.  When my university abandoned their own mail system and subscribed to M-S 360, they discontinued POP-3 support entirely. (They have only IMAP.)  I do not want my mail stored ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by maxwelldm on January 5, 2016
  • Re: My Pegasus is suddenly all screwed up after 15 years of perfect service - time to move on?

    PROBLEM IDENTIFIED! It has nothing to do with Pegasus! It's Google. Now it's just up to my university's IT to remedy it for me. Today, with one short series of steps I found on the web. I successful linked my Pegasus 4.7 to Yahoo's IMAP server in mere minutes and had full connectivity - all my Yahoo folders and email appeared and ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by dgrahame on December 27, 2015
  • As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

    I'm in despair. Though I can send messages via the usual SMTP, and I still have full functionality with my FTP connection, and I have no problems with the web GUI version of my Univeristy email, I suddenly am getting consistent error messages without any specifics (just ''The IMAP server that manages this mailbox or folder has reported an error ...
    Posted to International Pegasus Mail (Forum) by dgrahame on December 24, 2015
  • Re: Change in Blackberry IMAP behaviour accessing v4.8

    Hi Rolf, having the same problem but didn't find that thread - wrong searchwords. :-( Have a look at > I checked this with David and he says that it's not possible to access a mailbox via IMAP when a local copy of Pegasus Mail has it locked.> The two processes simply cannot ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by FJR on December 16, 2015
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