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  • TCP/IP communication error. - Network error; delivering anyway.

    Help,  I have been have a problem with retreiving emails using MercuryD.  Certain emails with a Word or Excel attachment will not be retrieved. My latest example is an email with an Excel attachment.  It is not every Excel attachment though. here is a protion of the log file 13:43:27.875: --- Fri Apr 24 13:43:27 2009 ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by bwhite on April 24, 2009
  • Transaction filtering - won't exit on match?

    For a very long time I ran a domain-mail system that allowed me to use a different email for every site I signed up to.  amazon@, thisforum@, thatforum@, etc.  Over the last year or so the spammers have basically carpet-bombed my server with completely spurious names, and the open-door policy has finally run its course.   I went through the last ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by NFG on April 15, 2009
  • 'Announce myself as' configuration

    Hi folks I was discussing our mail server setup with a couple of guys who have audited our Windows network. One of the points that came up was that mail servers 'announce' themselves and that this information can be a security concern. They said that you can change this information and 'hide' your Internet name making it more difficult for anyone ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by Greenman on March 10, 2009
  • Auto-purge of TRASH folder?

    I'm pretty sure I'm having a ''senior moment'' here, as I'm pretty sure I saw, at one time — and even changed — a value that specified how long messages were retained in the IMAP TRASH folder before being purged. Now I can't find it to save my butt, and have even looked all over the fora and the help systems for Mercury and Pegasus. I'd like for ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by mikerocosm on January 14, 2009
  • MercFWD

    Program MercFwd is forward daemon for Mercury/32. It can forward mails for individual addresses or for whole domain. It makes no delivery - simply changes mail job to have new address.This one requires the use of mercuryE when forwarding to an internal IP address like []  If you use MercuryC or need to forward to an alternate port ...
    Posted to Mercury Mail Add-Ons (FileGallery) by thomas on December 22, 2008
  • IMAP does not connect with Pegasus client running on server

    Long time user, first time poster . . . I've just converted my home Mercury server (gathers several POP3 accounts for myself and my wife, distributes them back to us through Pegasus) to deliver mail using IMAP instead of POP3. I've got it all working just fine, locally and from various remote installations, but IMAP clients will not connect to ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by mikerocosm on December 15, 2008
  • Limit One Instance Running

    Mercury seriously needs a feature that will allow limiting it to only 1 instance running at a time. It may need some adjustable options, though, to suit different users' preferences.  For example, I would prefer than in addition to it trying to determine if other instances are currently executing, it would also create a ''flag'' file ...
    Posted to Mercury Suggestions (Forum) by forbin on October 18, 2008
  • 503 No valid recipients specified error when using 'to' header

    The following works fine: (PHP) mail('''', ''Subject'', ''Body'', ''From:\n'');  When I move the 'to' email to the headers: mail('''', ''Subject'', ''Body'', ''From:\nTo:\n'');  I get the error ''503 No valid recipients specified''  This ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by draders on September 15, 2008
  • Spam: Multiple recipients with 1 legit address and Mercury forwards the lot

    I noticed a rather serious problem today:   My system's set up to block illegitimate mail.  I demand authentication to relay and I greywall, but today a piece of spam came through with one legitimate address for a local user, and about 12 users on other systems in the CC/BCC fields.  Because one user was legit the message was accepted by ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by NFG on July 28, 2008
  • Moving from Windows Mail to Mercury

    Hi,  I've been using Mercury/32 for a while now as a POP3 server. With the growth of different devices (mobiles, webmail etc) that I can use to talk to the server, I would prefer to switch to IMAP4. Setting it up is easy and I'm happy with that side of things. But are there any tips or pitfalls from trying to move my existing email from ...
    Posted to Mercury Community Support (Forum) by simkin on July 14, 2008
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