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  • Re: Windows 10

    I've been running Pegasus 4.7 under Win 10 for about 2 months?  Apparently I was one of the early targets for the Win 10 rollout.  From the beginning, Pegasus has operated fine, except for when I delete items from the Inbox.  Whether it's a single note, or a selection, it seems to hang for 30 seconds to a minute or longer. If I ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Litewriter on November 5, 2015
  • Can't delete attachment in preview mode.

    Just an FYI really. In Pegasus 4.63 while looking at the new mail folder with preview mode turned on, switch to attachment view mode (click button or [F7]) and then select an attachment.  When you click the delete attachment button the attachment will delete, but if you switch to a different message and then back to the original, the ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by stuzz78 on November 8, 2012
  • Re: Trouble deleting attachments in filtering rules

    What is the code just to delete an attachment? If attachment NamePart matches ''?* '' DeleteAttmt ''''  This does not work for me - yet.
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by HolyHarp on December 23, 2010
  • General Filter: Save and Delete Attachments in New Mail Folder

    I want to strip attachments before filing emails.  My PMAIL directory is far to large.  I have alot of old emails to process (move to newmail, strip and move back).  I tried to apply a general filter but it doesn't finish running.  It does save the attachment.  Can someone tell me why and what I need to do to make this ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by HolyHarp on December 22, 2010
  • Leaving Messages on the Server

    I'm using Pmail 4.52 as a stand alone client for my POP3 email. With other email clients I've always been able to configure them to leave X number of days of mail on the server.  This is so IF I'm away from my computer but need to use email, I can use any computer with a web browser to access the webmail client and I'll at least be able to ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by lynbor on July 27, 2010
  • Deleting files in the RmtFiles folder

    I copy my Pegasus Mail folders from computer to computer, as I move around. Every so often, when I synchronise the files, I see that there are a few (sometimes a lot) pairs of files in the Pmail\MAIL\RmtFiles folder with .cac and .tmp extensions. When Pegasus Mail closes down (normally), should these files be deleted automatically? If so, what am ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Mike McCarthy on July 5, 2010
  • Filtering Question- How to Permanently Delete Certain Emails

    Using 4.51  My deleted emails are set to go to a deleted messages folder and this folder persists between sessions. Is there a way to have emails from certain senders bypass this folder and just get permanently deleted?  thnx
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by philherz on January 7, 2010
  • Backup and restore files from 2 sources

    I have a user who uses Pegasus Mail 4.4. The use copies the whole Winpmail directory to a server as a backup. The user deleted some folders in Pegasus but would like  to know if he can retrieve the Pegasus folders from the server where he copied the local winpmail directory. Please Advise. Thanks, Denny
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by dldab on February 3, 2009
  • Intermittent problem - getting worse!

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me here - I've been using Pegasus for years and have no wish to change that, but I'm having a really strange and intermittent problem: Every so often, clicking on ANY button on the ''New mail folder'' top toolbar (and today on any button on an open message toolbar - ie: Reply, Copy, Forward, Move, Delete ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by Meryl on October 7, 2008
  • Re: IMAP and deleting messages

    Thomas R. Stephenson:... I have selected the option to ''Delete them imediately, do not retain a safety copy''  When I hit delete, I mean to delete the message.  ;-) Forgive the double post, but this part of your message caught my eye. Do you have any problems with ''deleted'' messages not really being deleted in GMail? Many people ...
    Posted to Pegasus Mail Community Support (Forum) by nathan7la on April 22, 2008
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