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It's been over a month since David Harris blogged that Pegasus Mail would be out in a couple of weeks.... How much longer? It's been years since the last update, but mail has made great strides and now there are so many competing programs, please give me one good reason not to leave Pegasus Mail!

recent by rocketboy  ·  9 hours ago
malw posted 1 day ago at 5:19 pm

I have extensive mail filtering rules in place to move incoming mail into fifty or so folders depending on the incoming mail address, subject, and the message content.

In the last couple of weeks I've been plagued by spam trying to interest me in property investment.
Not a major problem, the spam filter drops in into the spam folder - but it's been annoying to go through and delete that junk.

I want to set a filter that looks for a common thead and just deletes the message silently. One difficulty is that the spam claims to come from multiple domains . But, the unsubscribe option has a recognisable pattern in it for all of them '/mw/index.php/campaigns'.
But, adding that as a filter does nothing.
Should the pattern be formatted differently?

Next problem, in messing around with that and setting up a POP rule set I seem to have lost all my filtering rules. Rules applied when folder is opened now shows no rules in the list and the navigation bar shows |||||||||||||| when that window is in focus.
I really don't want to have to set all that up again, and have a backup of the Pegasus directory taken yesterday.
Which file or files should I restore to get my filters back?

Thanks Malcolm

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Today at 2:44 am
eirman posted Nov 13 at 1:29 pm

Google are now forcing 2 Step Verification on a lot of users.
To view your Gmail within Pegasus, you will need to disable 2-Step Verification within Gmail's Security settings.

Once you have disabled 2-Step Verification you will then have the option to allow Less Secure Apps Access within Gmail's Security settings which is a requirement for using Pegasus with Gmail.

Future versions of Pegasus will hopefully fix this issue.
The sooner the better smile

NOTE: If you don't use Pegasus with your Gmail address for a fixed period, you will have to reset the Less Secure Apps Access option in Gmail. I don't know what this period is, but I reckon that it is about one month.

(I'm not sure if any of the above applies to IMAP)

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Nov 13 at 10:44 pm
dom54 posted Nov 12 at 9:56 am

since many years I use GMail POP3/SMTP/IMAP services from pegasus Mail having set a specific PMail app PWD on GMAIL.
This morning I was initially able to download the list of new messages from GMail, but afterwards I was unable to sucessfully connect via POP3 or IMAP from PMail, nor I was able to send any email via SMTP.
I've created a new GMail app PWD for PMail, checked that my GMail config is properly configured to get emails from external email programs, but without sucess.
My PMail settings are:

  • POP3: server, port: 995, "Via dicrect SSL connect"
  • SMTP: server, port: 465, "Via direct SSL connect"I've read that Google has started switching to Auth 2., but I've not received any notification from Google.My Android tablet doesn't have problem in accessing my GMail account.Any suggestion?TIA Domenico

recent by dom54  ·  Nov 12 at 10:38 am

I'm using POP for seventeen different mail addresses on a collection of different mail providers.
It has been fine for many years but from yesterday has attempted to pull new mail from an account that no longer exists.

The dialog box shows:
15:37:43.133: --- 9 Nov 2021, 15:37:43.133 ---
15:37:43.133: Connect to '', timeout 30 seconds.
15:37:44.310: >> +OK Dovecot ready.
15:37:44.310: << USER
15:37:44.373: >> +OK
15:37:46.381: >> -ERR [AUTH] Authentication failed.

I've reviewed Tools > Internet Options > [Receiving] and this address is not in there.

Another odd symptom, the dialog runs quickly but, as far as I can see the problem address is around the 20th being accessed (i.e. off the bottom of the list of addresses in settings)

Restarting Pegasus or rebooting the PC does not clear the problem.

A review of pmail.ini while pegasus was running showed an additional POP definition and, examining that, it's the one causing problems. (Even though the PC has been rebooted several times to try and clear the error)

Closing Pegasus again caused the additional POP definition to disappear from pmail.ini but I still get the errors when fetching new mail.

The unwanted POP definition is recreated in pmail.ini when I restart Pmail.

Where's that coming from and what's the best way to remove it please?

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Nov 10 at 2:04 pm

Using PMail 4.41 (yes, I know it's old)

Maybe for the last month or so, when viewing mail in the New Mail folder, I have been receiving emails where the From field and/or the Subject field are blank.

When I examine a regular email using the Raw View, I see that those fields are plain text (appropriate email addresses or subject text). When I examine an email where the From field or Subject field are blank, I see something like this:

From: =?UTF-8?B?4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCqTmV1cm9wYXRoeVRyZWF0bWVudEdyb3Vw4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq?= <deleted for privacy>

Subject: =?UTF-8?B?4oCq4oCqU+KAquKAqnXigKpmZuKAqmVy4oCq4oCqIEbigKpy4oCqb23igKrigKogTuKAquKAquKAquKAqmVyduKAquKAquKAquKAquKAquKAquKAqmUg4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCqUGFpbj/igKo=?=

To: <my email address>

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? What email system (host or transport) is creating these messed up fields?

Fortunately, most of these are spam, but still ..

Thanks in advance!


recent by Michael  ·  Oct 28 at 3:08 am
Einar posted Oct 25 at 4:30 pm


I have used Pmail for decades and would like to continue. But my ISP changed mail system. Their support guy write that Pegasus uses SSL v3 that is not supported.

They tested my account and found that it works fine with 143 / 587 with STARTTLS and 993 / 465 with SSL / TLS.

Can someone point me to an URL that tells me how to setup what they want?

I have tried to set up my account with STARTTLS without any luck. And I have a feeling that really does not want to bother with other mail programs than the big players. I on the other hand think that Pmail helps me keeping the nasty players out. As they probably do not look for ways to get into a mail program that few use.

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Oct 25 at 6:43 pm

This is a test of the image upload function. Hopefully a colored U.S. map is below. For those who are curious, it indicates the States that I have motorcycled in.

If this works, be advised that an attempt to do the same in a reply failed with a "Javascript no post found" error.

recent by Joerg  ·  Oct 25 at 2:10 pm
Pasco posted Oct 21 at 8:54 pm

My new provider dont't supply POP, only IMAP.

I want to use some facilities that I know about POP:

  • downloading new mail into my computer, so that I can work off-line;
  • downloading only unread mail;
  • selective (what I set-up) downloading;
  • downloaded mails remain on the server.

I suppose this is difficult under IMAP, but is it possible with PMail, perhaps with special adjustments?


recent by Michael  ·  Oct 22 at 7:05 pm
davidb posted Oct 15 at 11:59 am

Long time happy user of Pegasus Mail - many thanks. Much appreciation to David for a wonderful product. My installs have many kilometres on the clock and still going well. smile

However, since recently installing on two new Windows 10 Lenovo laptops (wife and I) we noticed that whilst the performance of Pegasus Mail is mostly very good, for some reason it sometimes takes a minute or two to open an email.

It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a text or html email, and it is not always the case - sometime emails open very fast. And it does not seem to be related to whether it is Pegasus Mail's first run of the day or it's been open for a while. I have mulitiple user accounts on both machines and all user accounts act the same way.

Any tips for me to try to track this down, please?

WinPMail version: Version 4.73.639, Mar 30 2018, build ID 639

recent by davidb  ·  Oct 20 at 2:42 am

Last open ok 8 oct 2021, no use before today.

Open mail freeze application, rolling blue windows and white shape, no error 1h wait don't change, only solution is to close. I can read mail only by "Reply" but no attachment.
PMAIL V 4.73.639 and IERenderer V (original from install)
Windows 10 Education V 1909 build 18363.1854.

Take IERenderer Version here : and program can't start, freeze after give name (load folder...).

It's a bit boring because I use it for work.

Request help !!!

recent by Michael  ·  Oct 19 at 4:23 am

PM ver. 4.73

Folder selector for copy or move message to a folder has disappeared. Can I find a setting in PMAIL.INI or STATE.PMJ ?

STATE has these lines

Select a mail folder=618,135,950,557
Select a mail folder RS=2831,396,453,600
Select one or more mail folders RS=84,36,334,424
Move a mail folder or tray RS=345,155,288,409

Is my problem in this section of the state?

recent by Michael  ·  Oct 9 at 5:38 pm
ms007 posted Jun 25 '20 at 9:10 am

[quote user="idw"]

... for providing me with a minidump file ...


[quote user="idw"]

... Maybe I also need your help for testing some IER versions for me?

 Do not hesitate to contact me.


[quote user="Joerg"]The error message itself is OK in case Pmail / IER detects a wrong file format. But why it appears so often?[/quote]

Here we go again, Joerg: Since you describe this error message twice as occuring while replying it can't be an IER error message, and I'm 100% sure it's a TER/HTS error message since I've seen such error messages before. There are further indicators confirming this: IER's own error messages would usually come with a caption showing IER's name and version number as their title - if they don't come as an exception dialog which usually includes the exception code and address. Errors only affecting replies, forwards or printing are usually TER/HTS errors, only so-called runtime errors and exceptions might come from other modules except when clearly indicated as IER error messages as explained above.

Now with regard to fixing such an error: No chance except for buying a more recent TER/HTS version by David Harris as discussed in a recent thread. I do already fix such errors by decoding and recoding faulty PNG files when they come as embedded images within the HTML message (it's possible to do this), but if they come as attached parts in a multipart/related MIME message the images aren't submitted to the HTML renderers for fixing prior to Pegasus Mail's reply, forward or print processing with TER/HTS.

Sorry to say (and not to know why this dialog shows up more than once) ...

irelam posted Jun 21 '20 at 2:50 am

I agree with your point on vertical scrolling halted when at the bottom of the editing screen. I try to scroll down before the editing cursor reaches the bottom of the window.

I have not seen the overlaying screen issue as I keep all my screens visible. I use Tile to show all the windows.


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