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Vox posted Oct 1 '23 at 10:40 am

Hi all, I've accumulated many messages in my mailbox going back to 2005. I've always had the same problem, pruning the mailbox of old messages to keep a manageable size. I know i can create new mailboxes and painfully copy mesages, but this is really waht i wanted to work but didn'T:

  1. Search for all messages in the date range 2005 to 1017 .. it did that.
  2. Highlight all messages found. It did that.
  3. Delete all highlighted messages.

It appeared to do (3) but when I searched again, the same old messages were found and the MAIL folder didn't decrease in size. I also expected and didn't see the pmail housekeeping message to re-compress the mail folder which i expected for such a large delete.

help, what am I doing wrong, are the old mail messages write protected or incompatible with latest release of pmail?


recent by msetzerii  ·  Oct 2 '23 at 12:18 pm

Hello all, maybe there is a simple solution or workaround, but I cant find it. Problem is:

I have correspondence with company - so I have mails from them in my RECEIVED folder und I have mails to them in my SENT folder.

Searching each folder generates sth like 500 Emails, which is correct - but I would like to have the result in ONE folder, i.e. can easily see who responded from them or what I responded on the time line.

I think it will be sth like filtering, but I dont want to MOVE the result, but just see them in ONE folder seperately as search result.

How can that be done - thanks in advance

rgds hans

PeBi posted Sep 29 '23 at 2:12 pm

Hi all,

I have a problem that somehow must have come up with using two monitors, or maybe some other reason I do not know (but it occured also with another program in a similar way).

I seems that in some cases (concrete: when I want to create a new folder in my mailbox or also, when I get asked if I want a copy of my outgoing mail) the pop-up window must be displayed somwhere, but not on my visible monitor. Pmail gives a "gong" goes in the background and every klick on the screen leads to another "gong". In the two cases the pop-up window for the folder to be created, or the folder where it should be saved, respectively should appear on the screen. When I type <esc> the pmail screen returns to normal.

However, not all pop-ups from inside pmail have the same behavior.

Any clue? Thanks for any help.


Michael posted Sep 9 '23 at 2:59 am

Since the Auto-Update functionality is broken in IER I'm posting this announcement here for once:

  • The usual after-release fixes: Copying incomplete sections of HTML formatted message parts to clipboard would result in HTML code pasted instead of formatted contents if not pasting them as plain text. This has been fixed now.

  • And the update check was broken due to some changes applied to remote file download checks for avoiding privacy issues connected to font downloads from third party providers behind the scenes. Fixed as well.

  • Additionally I've applied some enhancements to the online help for not missing the embedded images when launched outside of Pegasus Mail immediately after install.

For IER's history page providing the download link please see my sigature below.

recent by Michael  ·  Sep 25 '23 at 9:56 pm


I just updated to the beta. All is well except for an annoyance. Whenever I start Pmail I have to re-add my hosts for both POP3 and sending SMTP. Then it works fine.

More detail:
When I upgraded, Pmail forgot my Hosts for POP3 and SMTP. Fortunately, when I selected 'add' my whole list of Hosts was there. Even my very old disabled ones. I was able to select my current host for both POP3 and SMTP and went on my merry way.

Unfortunately, when I next opened Pmail I had to re-add both the hosts.

If I edit a host, it remembers the edits between sessions. Everything else seems to be working just fine.

I am willing to try anything (within reason) to help trouble shoot this.

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

TYVM for your time.


We recently set up a new installation and when I enumerate a list it fails to run.

The core process window shows “* Transient error - job deferred for later processing.”

The mercury system messages window shows “Core: Error getting
mailbox information for MercAdm”

MercAdm is an alias with the mercury software.

recent by snow2023  ·  Sep 15 '23 at 3:21 pm
gold1640 posted Sep 11 '23 at 6:19 pm

Running PM on Windows 10 64 bit, PM is Version 4.81.1154 and IERenderer is
Seem to have a problem with the listing of open windows (or panes) (see image ) - I normally have PM in 'Preview' mode and when I start a new message it appears on top of the 'Folders - New mail' window and any other window (pane) will be listed at the bottom of the 'Window' menu items.
However, of late, only '1 Folders - New mail' is listed at the bottom of the 'Windows' item list, no other windows listed.
If I minimize the 'Folder - New mail' pane, the other windows are behind it.



I use Pegasus Mail Version 4.73.639, Mar 30 2018, build ID 639, running with Wine-4.0 under Linux Devuan 5.10. The box runs automated backups with the BackInTime application.

Everything is as it should be. ie: in all the years I have been using it, PMail has never skipped a beat. Ever.

But I now have a problem:

I need to find an email (from a bank, from all possible places) which I deleted a couple of months ago thinking the issue that prompted it had been definitely solved.

Nothing but wishful thinking, obviously bad judgement on my behalf.

But I digress.

I keep deleted emails for around 45/60 days and then clear out the folder but now, quite unexpectedly, I need data I no longer have.

The thing is that I have it but it is in my PMail backup files.

I can manage with the just raw text as what I need are just the numbers assigned to the complaints I sent the bank, which they (of course) claim they don't have.

I'd appreciate some guidance to get the text from the backups.
The emails should be in the New Mail or Deleted Messages folders.

Thanks in advance.



recent by sawbona  ·  Sep 10 '23 at 4:45 pm

The dialog box below will appear upon right-click > Show pictures (HTML only) until you tick the "Do not show me this warning in the future." option. For the life of me I can not figure out how to re-enable the display of the dialog box.

In a second Pegasus Mail installation the dialog box appears when both IERenderer and bearhtml are disabled which indicates it is a Pegasus Mail function. The setting is not identity specific but is user specific so the option must be stored somewhere in the mailbox directory. Logically, PMAIL.INI should hold the key but a file compare with a backup did not identify it. I then did a file compare of all files that were modified after I ticked the box without being able to identify an applicable entry.

Obviously I am missing something. Does anyone have a clue, or care to try your hand at figuring it out? Keep in mind that once you tick it you may not be able to go back.


fandor posted Sep 6 '23 at 11:59 pm

Today 9/6/23 hyperlinks are opening immediately rather than in background. Have not changed any settings. This has never happened before.
Updated ierendere yesterday.
Went back to (hypers opened in background in browser as normal but then went to opening immediately again)

recent by fandor  ·  Sep 7 '23 at 6:39 pm

I've been using Pegasus Mail since circa 1980's [Currently WinPMail version: Version 4.80.1028, Jan 16 2022, build ID 1028]. For some reason, just noticed recently, "Selective Mail Download" is not working properly as follows:

Whenever I try to retrieve more than 10 emails, I only get 10? Examples follow:
Using "File/Selective Mail Download/Make It So"

  1. Attempt = Delete 41 and retrieve 35, Result = retrieves 10 of that 35, and none are deleted.
  2. Attempt = Delete 81 and retrieve 0, Result = All 81 are deleted.
  3. Attempt = Delete 0 and retrieve 94, Result = retrieves 10 of that 94.

This is bizarre?? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I sometimes have four instances of pmail running parallel.

Since today, in one of the instances, I have a problem with opening emails. The other instances work correctly.

When I click on a mail to open it, it seems something is happening by the turning time-clock / mouse pointer being busy. Because of that I think the email opens, but I cannot see it. Or opening the mail does not succeed and there is no error message.

Restarting does not work, checking for messages outside the pmail frame also not, making it extended monitors also not.

However, when I start a new message either through the menu or through ctr-n, it works without problem.

Any idea?

Running 4.8 with IERenderer enabled. Disabling it does not help either.

DavidTC44 posted Aug 30 '23 at 10:13 pm

I know that I have asked this question before, so I apologise beforehand to people like Brian Fluent. Has anybody written a routine to clear out the Recent Search Results list? Through bad management I have allowed my list to get out of hand, and do not really want to have to go through it deleting each line individually. I am not proficient enough to tackle this task myself, producing the routine that is (classic example of a mis-placed epithet, sorry!).

David Tarbox-Cooper

recent by DavidTC44  ·  Aug 31 '23 at 4:48 pm
MarioW posted Aug 21 '23 at 10:23 am

Since just before the weekend PMail gives an error message that 'An unexpected network error occurred during the transaction with the host' when trying to download my emails on the mailserver of my IPS via POP3. Their helpdesk is less than forthcoming, saying that since I can reach my mail via webmail there is no problem at their side, and 'they do not support users with their web clients'. I'm basically on my own. Should change IPS, I know, but they happen to run the mail address I've had since 1997, and I'd rather not lose that.

Could the Windows update last week be the culprit, and would installing the latest version of PMail make any difference in that case? I currently run Version 4.73.639.

Bob C. posted Aug 10 '23 at 8:25 pm

I've tried several ways to import all my existing emails from Thunderbird, and none work very well; copying the Thunderbird active profile folders and adding ".mbx" to each worked the best, but I wind up with a bunch of mail folders in PMail, all with the .mbx extension in the folder name in stead of just the name. Any suggestions?

recent by msetzerii  ·  Aug 15 '23 at 6:59 am
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