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Welcome to the official Public Community site for Pegasus Mail and the Mercury Mail Transport system.

Many of the forums and some of the blogs on this site allow user postings, but you must register a username and agree to the terms and conditions of use of the site if you wish to post. You do not need to register if you only want to read the forums or download programs.

David Harris

Latest News

Mercury/32 v4.80 released
2015-09-08 - Mercury/32 v4.80, with significant updates including OpenSSL support, complete TCP/IP overhaul and a new help system, is now available for download here 

The 'Heartbleed' bug and how it affects (or doesn't affect) Pegasus Mail and Mercury
2014-04-11 - Some of you may have read about a recently-discovered problem in OpenSSL that is being called the 'Heartbleed bug'. Our statement about how this affects Pegasus Mail and Mercury users (executive summary: "it doesn't") can be found here.

Pegasus Mail v4.70 released
2014-03-10 - Pegasus Mail v4.70 is an interim release mainly intended to improve SSL interoperability with Internet hosts such as Verizon. It also includes a completely new spelling checker with dictionaries for six languages, improved support for hyperlinks in plain text messages, and improved HTML rendering support.

Pegasus Mail v4.70

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is a free e-mail program for computers running Microsoft Windows. It has served millions of users since it was released in 1990. It is extremely feature-rich and powerful, yet remains small and fast.

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Mercury Mail Server v4.80

Mercury Mail

The Mercury Mail Transport System is a full-featured mail server for Windows and Novell NetWare systems. It is extremely fast and robust, feature-rich and extensible, yet consumes very little in the way of system resources or bandwidth.

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Pegasus Mail development is entirely funded by donations.

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