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gold1640 posted Mar 9 at 10:34 am

As a long time user of Pegasus, and upgrading over the years, I've got files dated from 1993 in the 'Programs' folder.

I'd be interested to know if there was going to be an option in the upcoming v5 where the upgrade would end up with a 'clean' new v5 set of files with the personalised files copied over?

or whether it would be better to go for a new install?

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 10 at 12:15 am

I use pmail since the very beginning. Recently I had to change my computer and I am now on a fresh install of Windows 10. There is a known problem in all modern OSes of that sort with the look of MDI windows. Does anybody happen to know any workaround? Pmail in the multiple window mode looks really ugly, displaying all the inner windows in "aerolite" theme instead of the selected system-wide theme. The active window controls look particularly out-of-place.

I know this s not strictly pmail issue, it is discussed for example here:


recent by j131  ·  Mar 8 at 11:28 pm

We are using the full german version since years. But since we are working in international shipping industry business, english is not problem for our staff. And for better participating in that community forum the original english setting and menu terms would be helpful.

Is it possible to simply update our full german v4.73 network installation with the english v4.80 setup?

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 8 at 2:55 pm
Michael posted Mar 5 at 4:25 am

05.03.2022 05:00 (CET): Version

More or less sorted by importance/urgency after the Pegasus Mail v4.8 release:

  • Fixes the BearHtml related scroll wheel issue.
  • Fixes the German language module detection failure (the MiniDump extension has been adjusted as well).
  • Fixes invalid HTML DOCTYPE declarations of META messages resulting in missing hyperlinks (thanks for providing samples, Ernst).
  • Adds a new button menu item for disabling all reformat/line wrap options in HTML messages (not affecting plain text) resulting in enhanced table layouts and faster rendering.
  • Adds tooltips for the on/off button menu options pointing to detailed help file descriptions of what can be achieved by using them (while the other ones are rather self-explaining).
  • As always there are several minor anhancements in various places and at least I get the feeling that rendering is now a lot faster than before especially with line wrapping and default font selection disabled.

IER's "homepage": < >

Download URL: < >

MiniDump: < >

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 5 at 6:52 pm

Hi, I have been using pegasus now for decades ... and now have a problem which I can't solve: Trying to connect to gmail, which worked for over year, suddenly result in this error: 0:32:22.270: --- 4 Mar 2022, 20:32:22.270 ---
20:32:22.270: Connect to '', timeout 60 seconds.
20:32:23.388: [] SSL/TLS session established
20:32:23.388: [
] TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, TLSv1.3, Kx=any, Au=any, Enc=AESGCM(256), Mac=AEAD
20:32:23.388: [*] Peer's certificate name is '/'.
20:32:23.388: >> +OK Gpop ready for requests from q128mb48170332wma
20:32:23.388: << USER
20:32:23.419: >> +OK send PASS
20:32:23.784: >> -ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.

I double and tripe checked pop3, password and so on and can't find a soulution. Installing Pegasus 4.8 didn't change anything.

Any suggetions?


Roland (from Germany)

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Mar 5 at 1:28 am

I just received this in an email from Google:

On May 30, you may lose access to apps that are using less secure sign-in technology.

To help keep your account secure, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. Instead, you’ll need to sign in using or other more secure technologies, like OAuth 2.0. Learn more

They will still support app passwords according to the support site accessed by the "Learn more" link.

I have posted this on the PM-Win listserv as well.

Brian Fluet

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Mar 5 at 1:27 am

As the subject already says: Expect to see an IER update tonight (my time) fixing the BearHtml related scrollwheel crash (!) and the missing language recognition of the German language module - among other issues and a couple of enhancements.


Not a critical issue, but I like to have up to 4 Pegasus inboxes running on my desktop at the same time, so I've pinned the icons on my Windows 10 taskbar. I just updated to 4.80 and notice that 3 of them are now blank and when I go to properties, only one image is now available. I'm guessing this is something new with 4.80.

I also have no idea where to find any non-Pegasus icons to use.

Again, clearly not a critical issue!!!

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Mar 4 at 9:41 pm

My old office just contacted me with a problem that I haven't been able to resolve. They are running a network installation of v4.73 and, for one of the users, Pegasus Mail hangs each time one of the users attempts to open a message. No reader window is visible but I doubt it is an off-screen issue considering that no is clickable within Pegasus Mail except that it can be minimized. I had them move out all .cnm files arrived since it last worked but that didn't solve the problem. Oddly, the mailbox lock was only left in place after one of the three kills that they did while I was on the phone. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 3 at 8:05 pm
Michael posted Feb 14 at 5:34 am
  • This version mainly fixes an issue with image download redirection causing download failures even if opting otherwise per confirmation dialog.
  • It also corrects the wording in the respective dialog for asking whether to download images by sender instead of download domain to avoid multiple prompts for a single message. This may include selected up to all download domains depending on which ones are redirected and at what position in a certain message.
  • Wiping the image file cache will now also reset the redirection block list to the entries from the BlockList.ini file stored in the current Pegasus Mail user's New mailbox location (see Help => About Pegasus Mail => Info for the file path). The temporary block list maintained per session will be flushed.
  • IER's Cache-path selection dialog has been enhanced to allow creation and editing of new paths by users.
  • Another image URL verification issue causing a "SafeCallException" has been fixed.

I'm just appending another note here about the results of redirection blocking: You will certainly every now and then be wondering about the somewhat erratic download results you're going to see, but since there's no way to tell in advance which downloads will be redirected unless doing pretty time consuming pre-scans of all image URLs in a message you may see messages showing up with all sorts of mixed download results. I'm further open to suggestions if anyone has a brilliant idea about what else to do about this.

Please put this version through your tests so we quickly know whether there's still a need for any urgent pre-release fixes before getting out Pegasus Mail v4.8.

recent by Michael  ·  Mar 3 at 10:03 am
thebigh posted Feb 13 at 7:01 am

i am trying to search webmail with multiple phrases. i tried quotation marks separated by a comma.

i tried content control.

i want to search about 10 phrases and all go into 1 folder for further processing. i can do it by searching 1 phrase at a time but tedious.
heres a proposed list:
couldn't be found
does not exist
Host or domain name not found
Invalid Recipient
mailbox is full
mailbox full
Not our Customer
permanent failure
Recipient address rejected
recipient rejected
wasn't found
User unknown

whats the secret?

recent by Joerg  ·  Feb 25 at 7:59 am

Recording the addressee when forwarding un-edited messages (re-direct, "bounce"smile.

The fact of a message having been forwarded is signalled by the red arrow symbol in the in-box listing and also in the 'info' pane, but the forward doesn't appear in sent-mail list. As a result I have no record that the message was forwarded to the intended recipient.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for all the good work.

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Feb 17 at 12:09 am
lhhesscpa posted Feb 14 at 11:12 pm

IERenderer seems quite technical and I note that there are frequent versions, updates and fixes. Before I take the plunge I would like to know its purpose so I can decide whether it's worth my ongoing effort to keep it up to date.

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Feb 15 at 10:44 pm

I have a substantial number of folders that I want to move to a new user so that the list of my active folders is more manageable. Right now all of the folders I want to move are in a single tray. Is there a way I can identify all of messages that belong to those folders so that I can move them en masse to a new user folder? And if so, how to keep the messages in the same folders.

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Feb 15 at 1:59 pm

My wife and I have been using Gmail with Pegasus on separate computers for years and it stopped working for her on 6/20/21. That's the last day she could either send or receive email. (She's using v4.73.639)

As far as I can tell, she didn't do anything unusual on that day and my account has worked perfectly all along.

When she attempts to send an email, she gets: DESCRIPTION OF ERROR: Protocol error: The server has unexpectedly refused or failed a request made by Pegasus Email.

When she attempts to download email, she gets: The host claims the username and password is invalid. (She hadn't changed the password at that point and we've tried to change the password since, without any improvement)

In addition, Google started to send CRITICAL SECURITY ALERT emails: Sign in attempt was blocked. Someone just used your password to sign into your account from a non-Google app.

I can't remember exactly what happened then, but I searched for a solution on the internet and think that I actually followed a suggestion to try to list Pegasus as a trusted app, but I'm a little fuzzy about this after 8 months. (Nothing I tried ever worked)

Any suggestions?


recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Feb 14 at 8:40 pm
Michael posted Feb 3 at 12:07 am

02.02.2022 03:00 (CET):

  • This version fixes an issue with images not displaying due to a mixture of conditional VML and background images being provided by MSO sources.
  • Additonally it fixes a couple of minor issues partly applying to processing of pasted formatted content.

BTW: I held back the announcement to evaluate whether IER's new notification mechanism would get anyone to download the update without it - successfully as can be told from another thread :-)!

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 14 at 6:11 am
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