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I've been using Pegasus for about 30 years, and have a number of problems which I've not been able to solve. So I joined the community in the hope that I could resolve them. One at a time, this is the first.

If I open a new email ("N", say) received into my "New mail" folder, then press F6 and click into another folder (eg "Copies to self"smile then click back to my "New mail" folder, N is no longer present. I f press F6 and return to the window having N open, then close that window, I have lost N forever: it is no longer in my "New mail" folder, nor my "Deleted messages" folder, nor anywhere else I can see. It appears to have has entirely disappeared without my wanting it to, simply because whilst it was open I clicked into another folder before returning and closing N.

This has caused considerable difficulties in the past, losing important emails. It is a reliably reproducible behaviour.

Do you know what the cause is, and a solution?

This has been a persistent and mysterious problem for years, and remains a problem for me in v4.80.1028, Jan 16 2022, build ID 1028, under Windows 7.

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Jan 6 at 7:34 pm

Wishing everyone A very Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2024. i want to thank everyone for all the help given in 2023 to this old rookie.

Still having problems with reading some of my mail most of which is readable but there are some messages received that when trying to open just hangs for 3-4 seconds and then reverts to my desktop unable to read.The only way any of those messages can be read is to hit the reply button (even though there is no intention to actually reply). As I had mentioned in a previous post I had a problem with the computer but i never had to start over in installing as--- Pegasus and other programs were backed up..I don't what I should do in solving this problem.

Another question I have is how can I change the font/print in the entire program to read much better both in reading and composing as the ole eyesight is not what it use to be. The current print is very small and I'd like to raise it a litter better

As usual thank yo in advance

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Jan 3 at 3:04 am
david.maxwell posted Dec 22 '23 at 6:12 pm

I freely agree that I have no idea what I am doing. My computer died. It had pmail installed on the hard drive,(which was actually a secondary drive, the C: drive being an SSD.) I got a new desktop, and installed the old hard drive in it, (again, as a secondary drive). I was gratified to find that running pmail from the transplanted H/D seems to work entirely satisfactorily except that it boots into a screen asking for my username. I have tried entering every possible combination of my first name, "Admin", my wife's name, the name of my old computer, (Dell), and "User", with and without caps and small letters, to no avail. Everything gives a message, "The user you are attempting to 'become' does not exist on the system."
I have multiple backups of the program to which I can revert if necessary. Would it work to install a new installation of pmail from scratch, and then copy over, for example, the MAIL folder from the old installation? Or is there some simple way of finding the username?

0MrSkeezix143 posted Dec 19 '23 at 11:25 pm

I have a strange problem
Recently had a computer problem and had to have the HD wiped clean and had to re-install Windows 10.

I eventually got all my passwords & bookmarks back

Whenever I check my mail most of the messages received I'm able to read but some messages are received but I cannot open. When I need to reply to the message I couldn't open, it appears so I'm able to see & read what was originally sent. I have been doing this just to read what I had missed

Originally when i try to open after a few seconds (it will try to open) it goes out and returns to the desktop. anyone have this problem? Is there any solution for me on what to do to solve?

recent by Michael  ·  Dec 20 '23 at 1:21 pm
ilc posted Dec 13 '23 at 4:20 am

Windows security quarantined a mail folder thinking it had detected a Trojan. Looking at HIERARCH.PM it looks like my Spamhalter folder. I don't know exactly which message it is though.

Am I right in thinking that it's safe to restore the spamhalter PMM file, (because it's a false positive, or encoded as an attachment and non-executable), or should I just delete the whole thing?

Thanks, Ian.

breezes posted Dec 13 '23 at 9:46 pm

I've been running Pegasus 4.73.639 for a number of years, a long time. I didn't realize there was an upgrade available. Now that I'm aware of the upgrade I'm, of course, considering the idea.
My question is the process.

Pegasus is located in C:/PMAIL. Do I simply drop the download, Pegasus 4.81Beta, into that location? What is the correct process? How would I activate the download? I've found instructions for a new install, but nothing specific for the upgrade. What files would I be wise to backup prior to the upgrade?

breezes posted Dec 13 '23 at 7:36 pm

My ISP, Comcast, bless it's pointed little head, made me change my access password. I am now unable to download my mail through Pegasus. I receive the following error message:

11:28:16.297: --- 13 Dec 2023, 11:28:16.297 ---
11:28:16.297: Connect to '', timeout 90 seconds.
11:28:17.411: [] SSL/TLS session established
11:28:17.411: [
] ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384, TLSv1.2, Kx=ECDH, Au=RSA, Enc=AESGCM(256), Mac=AEAD
11:28:17.411: [*] Peer's certificate name is '/C=US/ST=Pennsylvania/O=Comcast Corporation/'.
11:28:17.411: >> +OK Dovecot ready.
11:28:17.411: << USER 4breezes
11:28:17.431: >> +OK
11:28:17.571: >> -ERR [AUTH] Authentication failed.

This problem is using my primary system, my old desktop. I can still download email going directly to Comcast, but I want to convenience of Pegasus.

How do I correct this problem? How do I input the new Comcast password to Pegasus?

recent by breezes  ·  Dec 13 '23 at 8:56 pm

Hi, all.

I'm running Pegasus Mail 4.8 on a new Windows 11 laptop, having installed it a day or so ago.

Today I'm finding that fairly recent mail with attachments -- all of which I've read and filed away -- keeps being reloaded in the "New mail" folder. The attachments have been stripped off, and the message reads:

This message contains binary or non-textual data that cannot be previewed within Pegasus Mail.
You can work with this file in the message reader's 'Attachments' page.

I can mark them as read, but I cannot delete them or move them elsewhere.

I've checked the internet settings for each of my identities; none of them are set to download messages automatically.

Any solutions? Suggestions will be gratefully received!


recent by mike192  ·  Dec 8 '23 at 5:12 am
jacobsfw posted Nov 17 '23 at 2:26 am

Dear members,

After years of running Pegasus mail without issues, a problem with receiving new mail has arisen and I hope you can help me.
Upon start-up the Pegasus mail “you have new” mail pop-up banner appears (as normal) and may repeat many times if there is a lot of mail to download (as normal); however, no new mail appears in my inbox. I tried upgrading from version 4.80 to the new 4.81 Beta, but that did not solve the problem. However, if I shut down Pegasus mail and then re-start Pegasus, the new mail now appears (under my red "is urgent” mail). Another new problem, that seems to have occurred simultaneously with the above problem, is that Pegasus mail very often (mostly) will not close normally anymore. I must use Task Manager to force Pegasus to shut down.
Hopefully somebody may know a fix without a complete re-install? However, if I do need to do a uninstall /fresh install to solve this problem, how can I make sure that my past inbox /outbox and all my folders will be brought back into the program normally, without losing emails or setting preferences?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Kind Regards, jacobsfw
November 16, 2023


This issue has been with me a while but I've got into the habit of copying an email link and entering it directly into Firefox browser. I used to think the waiting time up to 10 seconds was due to the browser opening up but I'm not so sure now.

If I put hyperlinks in word docs or any other doc. the hyperlink opens in my browser within seconds. whereas the same hyperlink in a pmail email takes forever, or so it seems. The other day I noticed at the bottom of the pmail screen there was 'Blacklist' filter activity.

Now I'm wondering if this huge delay in opening the browser to render the link is caused by pmail running filters (slowly?) in the background? What filters are running, do they consume a lot of cpu resource, slow things down, and should I disable them? I have AV and other security packages installed..

recent by Vox  ·  Nov 21 '23 at 6:21 pm

Hello all.

Long time I did not wander on the forum, so nice to see the flying horse's community still flying.

I have been using Pegasus Mail for about 16 years now, and specifically version 4.41 with the French module, so to be precise it is 4.41 Fr.

Last week, I had to create a new email adress for one of my projects and I choose the email service provider GMX ("GMXmail" for the rest of this post) which look really nice compared to Gmail.

I set all the parameters to my new email adress in Pegasus Mail. I was able to even send an email, but I encountered problems with the pop retrieving part.

Here is the message I got :

%%% start %%%

Connect to '' port 995, timeout 90.

01:35:59.921 [*] Connection established to

01:35:59.953 22: Error -32 activating SSL session (locus 6014, type 4, code 0, 'Invalid version number 3.3, should be 3.1'smile

01:35:59.953 --- Connection closed normally at Sat, 11 Nov 2023 01:35:59. ---\0A\0A

%%% end %%%

It seems that the problem is that I am using a newer version for the SSL activation whereas GMXmail asks for version 3.1. That is quite weird, so it must be that I am mistaken somwhere.

If some of you could take some time to help me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

recent by msetzerii  ·  Nov 20 '23 at 4:33 pm

Thank you, *

Yes, knew I left out I am running Windows 10.
Command line yielded exact same results.

Will look at 4.81 this weekend.


I was running a 2.8x version and was having issues with Spectrum. Decided to blow that away and new install 4.80

Two quirks:

When I open I get a flag that Pegasus may be blocked by another process; I ignore that. (Not a new flag with 4.80)

Then when that disappears, I get as far as "Pegasus Internet Mail Setup", for 1/2 second, and then everything closes.

Installed in C:\PMAIL. There is a C:\TEMP folder.

Any and all suggestions, welcome

LSU Tiger 1977

recent by PM-1  ·  Nov 19 '23 at 5:57 am
chatz posted Nov 15 '23 at 2:20 pm

I just upgraded my old version 4.73 to v4.81. As per the instructions, after installing the new version, I replaced the PMAIL/ADMIN folder with the one from my previous version, but when I open the new client, I don't see any of my old folders.
Any idea as to what I'm doing wrong.



Occasionally we receive emails from different senders/domains with images attached.

However, Pegasus displays them corrupted:

All received emails are forwarded as copies to our AOL account and appear there complete and correct, with attached pictures.

If we then forward this email from AOL to the original recipient, Pegasus displays the email correctly.

What could be the reason for this?

recent by bbProg  ·  Nov 10 '23 at 8:51 am

Until today (29th Oct) my Pegasus Mail (v4.81 public beta of Jan 2023) configuration has functioned perfectly when accessing my several Gmail accounts using the OAUTH2 capability that David introduced into PMail, but as of this morning every attempt to access any of my accounts on Gmail's POP3 server results in an 'Invalid credentials' error.

Included below is a sanitised version of the error message I get when I try to access the Gmail mailbox for one of my usernames; I've hidden my IP address and also the lengthy string which is presumably associated with the OAUTH2 dialogue.

14:19:59.845: --- 29 Oct 2023, 14:19:59.845 ---
14:19:59.845: Connect to '', timeout 90 seconds, flags 16842753.
14:20:00.879: [] Setting SNI hostname to ''
14:20:01.011: [
] SSL/TLS session established
14:20:01.011: [] TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, TLSv1.3, Kx=any, Au=any, Enc=AESGCM(256), Mac=AEAD
14:20:01.011: [
] Peer's certificate name is '/'.
14:20:01.027: >> +OK Gpop ready for requests from k17mb79212604wrz
14:20:01.049: << AUTH XOAUTH2
14:20:01.828: << STAT
14:20:01.881: >> -ERR [AUTH] Invalid credentials.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with accessing Gmail today? I definitely haven't changed anything in my PMail configuration so can only surmise that something has happened at the Gmail end...

Thanks in advance for any guidance and advice


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