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So, I've read the topics on identities and the manual and I disagree with the experts on the topics and I don't think the subject is 100% clear in the manual. Nor is it very clear in the subjects I read here. Of course, this is all after I had identities working and THEN screwed it up by trying to go more granular.

I have five domains on one user and all of the domains have multiple alias but two have nine each. I don't understand the concept of a multi-user account based on what I have read and I don't want to sign in and out of separate single accounts to check my mail for these five domains. But that's all after.

So, I tried to make it granular by creating separate identities for each alias. Works a charm for incoming e-mail but it stopped my outgoing e-mail dead in the water.

so we have as the identity but I get the following error:

SMTP Network or Protocol Error sending mail

Name of SMTP profile: domain-admin rather than domain-soandso

Note: It's either picking up the correct domain or the wrong domain but it's always picking up the admin account.

Description of error: Handshake error: the server has either shut down the connection unexpectedly, or has returned a response Pegasus Mail cannot recognize

Then in the trace we get:
tds.772 -- 27 May 2023 16:22:42.772 ---
tds.775 Connect to '', timeout 90 seconds.

I'm going to do some checking on my e-mail host's end to see if I've somehow forgotten how I've configured my SMTP (because I've long since deleted everything and redone everything several times over and still can't get it to work correctly) but I was hoping someone here could help me out of this mess and either explain to me how to set up multi-user mode so I don't have to mess with identities or how to clean up pegasus so I won't be in this mess anymore. After reviewing all the files that have been created, I've never seen my Pegasus in such a state and I've been on Pegasus since '97.

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jun 8 at 10:14 pm


I realized recently that pmail does not recoginze pdf-attachments as such.

I can no longer double click pdf-attachments to open them, it says "Type unknown" and I have them saved first and then via explorer everything works as supposed.

Have already tried to reinstall my pdf-viewer (sumatra) which has been working ok all the time and still does, but pmail still does not know anything about pdf-files.

What can I do?


recent by Brian Fluet  ·  Jun 5 at 10:33 pm

My ISP provides a main email account with a login email address and password. I am allowed another 4 email addresses, each with a different password which I can access directly through webmail once I have logged into the main account. But i would like to configure Pegasus to collect email from each of the other four addresses so that i can use a different identity for each that has a different sender address. Can this be done, and if so, can someone please guide me as to how ?

recent by Brian Fluet  ·  May 30 at 1:19 am


After starting Pegasus I can click on several (it varies) messages in the Message List , this happens on any subsequent. I can dismiss it clicking on OK several times (it varies). After that nothing is visible in the Preview Pane. The only way to deal with it is closing and restart Pegasus. The behavior is also the same running Pegasus by another Windows user and in safe mode; and it's the same after uninstalling Pegasus, including removing all references to Pegasus in the Windows Registry.

In case it helps, I'm using Win 10 ver 2H22 build 1904.2846.

recent by Michael  ·  May 29 at 9:20 pm

I almost always print multiple emails but when using IERenderer only one page prints and it prints a print preview using Internet Explorer. If I turn off IERenderer, I can print all of the selected pages. Would I be able to do that with IERenderer if it prints directly to my printer without the Internet Explorer preview?

recent by lhhesscpa  ·  May 29 at 4:42 pm

Cue the Twilight Zone theme....
Pegasus randomly hangs after attempting to open an email. This seems to happen on previously unread mail, but inconsistently. All .cnm files have been removed from the \mail folder. This gets stranger... the entire application evokes a busy "ding" while clicking on any thing with Pegasus... then, after a while, selecting on a folders will set focus there, but click on mail w/in any folder elicits a "ding". Then, after Exiting from the application & the window closing, the instance of WinPM-32.exe remains active with usage the same steady 13% as prior to exiting.

Help, Joshua

recent by Joshua Ramspm  ·  May 27 at 3:46 pm

If I have New Mail Folder selected :- When I download emails they do not appear in the folder. If I switch to another folder and back to New Mail Folder the messages suddenly appear.

If I have do not have New Mail Folder selected :- When I download emails they do appear in New Mail Folder

If I delete messages there is no deleted message folder.

Sending email / Copies-to-self (or chosen location) is fine.
All my identities are are okay.

New Mail Folder Location
( Setting > Mailbox location ... still says <DEFAULT> )

I cannot setup a functional new mail folder (or Main Folder).
Can this install be repaired or should I start again ?

I would be quite happy with a new New Mail Folder and detaching the folder with 538 messages (for the moment).


recent by Brian Fluet  ·  May 24 at 6:58 pm

PM is installed on Windows 11 and works (after skipping this error) as expected.
When I start PM, the following message is issued:

loading extension
Pegasus Mail has encountered an operating
system error while attempting to load the
extension ,MiniDump‘. The error code returned by
Windows was: "The specified module could not
be found.

I just click away the message and PM works as intended.

Where can i find this module and where must it be placed?

Thank you for your help.

recent by kdaube  ·  May 24 at 12:39 pm
George posted May 9 at 5:13 am

When returning from a clicked link pmail freezes and Win 10 then produces a popup "program not responding". There is no difference to this behaviour for different websites.
My work-around is to copy the linked address and paste separately in my browser (Opera), but this is both annoying and time consuming. This behaviour only started recently ? after last upgrade to IERenderer.
Any help would be appreciated

recent by George  ·  May 18 at 5:36 am

I just switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 a few months ago.
I installed Windows Enterprise 10.0.19045.2604 and Pegasus Mail 4.73.639, Mar 30 2018, build 639, later I switched to Pegasus Mail 4.80.1028, Jan 16 2022, build 1028.
The problem is always the same: I can receive and send emails, but not emails with a larger attachment (approx. > 10 MB). If I try this, Pegasus Mail starts sending and at some point at 27% or 75% (depending on the size of the mail, numbers are only examples) it breaks off. Much worser: The entire Internet connection (RJ45-LAN via cable modem) breaks down. To get access to the Internet again, I have to unplug the rj45 connector and plug it back in.
At first I suspected my email provider, but an email address from a completely different provider shows the same behavior.
I also tried all kind of secure connections, STARTTLS, SSL etc., without success.

What the heck is this? In the meantime I've switched to Thunderbird, which actually is a piece of crap.....

recent by msetzerii  ·  May 17 at 8:18 am
Invictus posted May 11 at 9:27 am

Hello - got one user who I think has been mucking about with Pegasus window sizing & now we can't see the preview pane for highlighted messages - is there an ini file or something similar I can configure to default?
Thanks for reading!

recent by Invictus  ·  May 11 at 3:33 pm

Dear friends,
Since today I can not create a message containing an image which I import from


The 'ready to send' message contains a rectangle of the image size and in top left corner with a red question mark. Hovering over this I see the message "Error 120006 The URL does not use a recognised protocol".
The message is compoled with Rich Text.
The relevant part in the HTML facet reads:

<div align="left" style="min-height: 594pt; "><img src="cid:2209265.1683533827.31039" width="754" height="792" border="0" alt="graphic"/></div>

I do not see where the problem may come from.
Pegasus is v4.8, build 1028 as of 2022-01-16
Windows is
CurrentBuild 19045
OSbuild 10.0.19045.2846
OSdisplay 22H2

recent by kdaube  ·  May 9 at 8:15 am
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