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Filippo72 posted Jan 22 '22 at 11:17 am

Hello again.
I just upgraded to 4.9, and I noticed something strange.
Let's say I have a mailbox on internet, called
M32 polls the mailbox via pop3, and deliver the mail to the local user called dummy.
User dummy has a forwarding file like this

Forward-To : userME06
Forward-To : userME07
Forward-To : userME08
Forward-To : userME09
Forward-To : userME10
Deliver-Also : N

which forwards the mail to the local users userME06 etc.

Before the upgrade, this was the output in the core windows, when mail was processed

Sat 22, 11:56:23: Job MG000001: from (non-local)
To: dummy (local) -OK
Sat 22, 11:56:39: Job MG000002: from (local)
To: userME06 (local) -OK
To: userME07 (local) -OK
To: userME08 (local) -OK
To: userME09 (local) -OK
To: userME10 (local) -OK

So, the first two lines mean that Core delivers the incoming mail to dummy, and the remaining lines mean that the mail was forwarded from dummy to the other users.

After the upgrade to v.4.9, this is the output

Sat 22, 11:56:23: Job MG000001: from (non-local)
To: dummy (local) -OK
Sat 22, 11:56:39: Job MG000002: from (local)
To: userME06 (local) -OK
To: userME07 (local) -OK
To: userME08 (local) -OK
To: userME09 (local) -OK
To: userME10 (local) -OK

Why "ErrorHandelr-etc..." instead of "dummy"?
The system seems to works flawlessly, but I'd like to know the meaning of "ErrorHandler"...

best regards

recent by Joerg  ·  Feb 11 '22 at 1:07 pm
Filippo72 posted Jan 21 '22 at 10:44 am

the manual reports that the simplified phishing protection is account based, meaning that in case of wrong password the account becames locked for 30 minutes.
Just to be sure: does this mean that, after a lock, the legitimate user, using it's own legitimate and correct password, cannot access his account for 30 minutes?
Best regards

4c3T posted Dec 31 '21 at 9:50 am

Maybe I didn't fully check the forum, but I did a search and got 0 results.

I came here to see if there were any tutorials for how to set up a mail server.
Last time I had one, I also had a proper domain with A- and MX-records and all that, but that was probably 15 years ago when me and a friend ran a small web hotel that never were that popular.

We did manage to get that working (mDaemon for Windows) and it was very straight forward with explainations and FAQs.
This was a long time ago, and I haven't used any mail servers since, so I'm afraid I've forgotten the most part.

Anywho, this Mercury seems very capable, and it's a bit out of my league, and I've been playing with it a bit, but I can't connect to it with my mail client, and I was hoping, as per the title, to find a simple tutorial on how to set up a functional mail server with the basics working.
I was a bit disappointed not to find that here, but as I wrote, I didn't do an extensive search for anything.

Would be nice with pictures and explanations for dialogs and such.

recent by Sellerie  ·  Jan 15 '22 at 10:13 pm
Sellerie posted Jan 9 '22 at 2:20 pm

My in July 2017 communicated problem still exists.

---------' Lade TV-Planer E-Mail '---------

TV-Planer: Keine TV-Planer Nachricht in den letzten 0 Tagen
TV-Planer: (SENTSINCE 09-Jan-2022 SUBJECT "Wunschliste"smile

I have to rewrite the python file again to:

searchstr = '(SENTON {day:02d}-{month}-{year:04d} SUBJECT "' + subject + '")'

After changing the log contains:

--------' Lade TV-Planer E-Mail '---------

Extrahiere HTML Part der TV-Planer E-Mail.
Erstelle Backup der TV-Planer E-Mail.

Joerg posted Oct 26 '21 at 9:28 am

Hi guys,

Has anybody already upgraded to v4.90? I'm interested in any experiences before updating our Mercury v4.81 email production system.

I'm taking for granted that the direct setup "over" the existing version works as usual and the setup process is recognizing a running version to take over all settngs, isn't it?

recent by Joerg  ·  Dec 27 '21 at 9:34 am

I'm looking to rearrange the account entries in the MercuryD module. The entries themselves are obviously encrypted and simply rearranging the lines didn't work. I seem to remember something from a long time ago saying that there was a way to write the unencrypted entries to the MercuryD.dat file but I forget how. Is there a way to decrypt the entries or some other way to rearrange the order of the accounts other than re-entering them by hand?


Using PMail 4.41 (yes, I know it's old)

Maybe for the last month or so, when viewing mail in the New Mail folder, I have been receiving emails where the From field and/or the Subject field are blank.

When I examine a regular email using the Raw View, I see that those fields are plain text (appropriate email addresses or subject text). When I examine an email where the From field or Subject field are blank, I see something like this:

From: =?UTF-8?B?4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCqTmV1cm9wYXRoeVRyZWF0bWVudEdyb3Vw4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq?= <deleted for privacy>

Subject: =?UTF-8?B?4oCq4oCqU+KAquKAqnXigKpmZuKAqmVy4oCq4oCqIEbigKpy4oCqb23igKrigKogTuKAquKAquKAquKAqmVyduKAquKAquKAquKAquKAquKAquKAqmUg4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCq4oCqUGFpbj/igKo=?=

To: <my email address>

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? What email system (host or transport) is creating these messed up fields?

Fortunately, most of these are spam, but still ..

Thanks in advance!



We use the Pegasus public folders for archiving and filing.
Since e.g. appointments sent from Outlook are not displayed in Pegasus, some colleagues use Outlook and Pegasus in parallel as mail programs. Unfortunately, simultaneous access to an account (with Pegasus directly and with Outlook via the Mercury IMAP interface) is not possible.

Mercury will prevent IMAP access to the account while Pegasus is open. Is it possible to change this way of working, especially since there should be no problems with Pegasus > 4.0 (see note when installing Mercury)?

If you use both the IMAP server and locally installed copies of Pegasus v3.x to access maiboxes, you must ensure that you never access the same mailbox using both at the some time.

So, you must not start a copy of Pegasus Mail accessing a mailbox that is currently being accessed by the IMAP server. Equally, you must not login via IMAP to a mailbox that is currently being accessed by a copy of Pegasus Mail.

Failure to observe this requirement may result in damaged folders and loss of data!!

Note that it is OK for multiple IMAP connections to exist to the same mailbox. The prohibition only applies to simultaneous access by MercuryI and Pegasus Mail. This problem was addressed in Pegasus v4.0, and only applies if you are using an earlier version of Pegasus Mail to access your IMAP mailboxes.

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Brian Fluet posted Jun 18 '20 at 7:20 pm

I'm exhausted from testing different iOS mail apps for IMAP access to

a test mailbox (my Spam mailbox).  None will refresh and display the actual content of

the mail folder.  The Outlook app says there are no new messages even though there are +50.  Spark

only displays the list of messages it access during it original connection several days ago even

though those have all been deleted.  Edison won't connect (doesn't send a

STARTTLS command), there was a forth that is completely forgettable

other than it appeared to connect but no messages were displayed, similar

to the Outlook app behavior.

I can see connections in the MercuryI window but no data is displayed by the apps.  It just shouldn't be this hard.

I don't know what kind of help to ask for other

than to request a response from anyone who has an iOS email app working.


How can I trust a CA that fraudulently issued certificates that it is not responsible for?

I think you don't need a certificate for a transport-encrypted connection. But if I already pay for a certificate, then it should also be a trustworthy one. The next question would be whether my provider would accept a certificate with a bad reputation or just reject it like a self-signed certificate. The answer to this question doesn't matter to me because I am blacklisted behind a DSL connection. As I wrote earlier, I prefer Stunnel for the secure connection to my provider's smart host. Simply because I miss some configuration options in Mercury (blocking older/insecure ciphers etc) and without documentation... This is my personal opinion. Maybe some thoughts are not fully considered yet.


<p>I experienced an issue that prevented MercuryC from being able to access the SMTP server. During troubleshooting I moved all of the QCF & QDF file out of the queue directory. Once I got MercuryC working I moved the files back to the queue but they haven't been processed. I there a way to make that happen?</p><p>

Rolf Lindby posted May 15 '20 at 11:09 pm

We would need something to work with to try to figure it out, like a CNM file and a screen dump how the date displays in the email client. If you prefer not to post it here I can give you an email address to send it to.


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