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dhughes posted Jul 6 '23 at 3:27 pm

I have several pmail trays that give the error:

You have asked to delete a tray file which still contains folders. Please delete or move all folders from the tray before attempting to delete it.

but there are no folders to delete or move.

WinPMail version: Version 4.81.1154, Jan 10 2023, build ID 1154

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jul 8 '23 at 4:06 am
gwlee posted Jun 16 '23 at 12:17 am

I've been using Pegasus Mail since they started charging to use Eudora, and the free version didn't have an address book anymore. Pegasus ran fine on my Windows 10 machine. When I got a new computer (Windows 11) I copied all the files over to the same folder (PMAIL) on the same drive (Esmile and then installed version 4.8 as an update. It downloads mail fine but won't sent mail.

Every time I try to send mail I get this message:

Delivery has failed on the enclosed message for the following
reasons reported either by the mail delivery system on the mail
relay host or by the local TCP/IP transport module:

554 5.7.1 <[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied

I checked all the SMTP settings and they were all OK. I then did another update install. Still wouldn't download mail. I went on the email website and sent an email to myself and I got it. I thought it might have been a problem with the email server but it's still doing it after five days so I know the problem is with Pegasus. I don't know what else to do.

Could you please help me?
Thank you,
GW Lee

0MrSkeezix143 posted Jun 24 '23 at 5:39 pm

Just wondering if any improvements been made in the spell checker process. when i asked the question several months ago, I believe someone said there were bugs they were trying to work out. I had mentioned mine wasn't working like it used to. Before it automatically detected misspelled words and i was able to correct. I'm using version 4.73 as i had various problems (other than spellchecker) with the latest version and had to drop down so maybe the later version has it corrected.

Thanks for the help as usual

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jun 26 '23 at 4:42 am
TonyN posted Jun 19 '23 at 7:03 pm

Most, but not all, Gmail addresses that I send to are now getting bounced with the following message appearing instantly in my new mail box:
Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
Seems as though its coming from Pegasus not from a server.
I’ve looked on line for solutions but everything I find seems to be relate to adding a Gmail account to Pegasus, and that is not what I want to do.
If I send to the same addresses using a Gmail account I have there is no problem, but I only use this account occasionally for non-business purposes so that isn’t a solution either.
I have whitelisted the email addresses.
I updated to PMail ver 4.8 this morning and noticed something in the release notes about Gmail protocols but again, this does not relate to the bouncing emails so far as I can see. Nor has it helped.
I’ve been a PM user for decades and would not be without it, but this has got me stuck and any help would be very much appreciated. I’ve tried searching the forum but can’t see anything that is likely to hit the spot.

recent by TonyN  ·  Jun 23 '23 at 11:22 am
ddmartin posted Jun 21 '23 at 10:08 am

I have PM Version 4.80.1028 on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
From yesterday is opening folder COPYSELF very slow.
It take about 10 min.
Whole PM is blocked this time.
I see that folder COPYSELF has 64004 messages.
File with this folder had size 337 MB.

When I delete 50 messages, it start open quickly.
Best regards

Knobiator posted Jun 16 '23 at 4:13 am

Using pmail since ages, much delighted with it.
Now, new hdd, installed freshly downloades version.
horror: pmail asks for password ... i never created one! Never was aksed for a password in the last years!
Were can I create a password, so that I can finish the installation???

recent by Knobiator  ·  Jun 17 '23 at 8:46 pm
DavidTC44 posted Jun 16 '23 at 5:57 pm

Over the last three weeks, I have been getting the following error message for emails that have been bounced;-

"Delivery has failed on the enclosed message for the following
reasons reported either by the mail delivery system on the mail
relay host or by the local TCP/IP transport module:

550-We're sorry, but we can't send your email. Either the subject matter, a
link, or an attachment potentially contains

Your original mail message follows:

X-PM-Identity: <Default>
From: "David T-C." "

If anybody can offer an explanation or reason, that I am getting this message, I would be eternally grateful.

David Tarbox-Cooper (aka DavidTC44)

kjmork posted Jun 5 '23 at 1:48 pm

I am trying to download (pop3) mail from gmail to Pegasus 4.80 but am told that there is something wrong with the username or password. See several places that it should be possible to do this. I have tested with both one- and two-step login to google. Anyone have a solution to this?


So, I've read the topics on identities and the manual and I disagree with the experts on the topics and I don't think the subject is 100% clear in the manual. Nor is it very clear in the subjects I read here. Of course, this is all after I had identities working and THEN screwed it up by trying to go more granular.

I have five domains on one user and all of the domains have multiple alias but two have nine each. I don't understand the concept of a multi-user account based on what I have read and I don't want to sign in and out of separate single accounts to check my mail for these five domains. But that's all after.

So, I tried to make it granular by creating separate identities for each alias. Works a charm for incoming e-mail but it stopped my outgoing e-mail dead in the water.

so we have as the identity but I get the following error:

SMTP Network or Protocol Error sending mail

Name of SMTP profile: domain-admin rather than domain-soandso

Note: It's either picking up the correct domain or the wrong domain but it's always picking up the admin account.

Description of error: Handshake error: the server has either shut down the connection unexpectedly, or has returned a response Pegasus Mail cannot recognize

Then in the trace we get:
tds.772 -- 27 May 2023 16:22:42.772 ---
tds.775 Connect to '', timeout 90 seconds.

I'm going to do some checking on my e-mail host's end to see if I've somehow forgotten how I've configured my SMTP (because I've long since deleted everything and redone everything several times over and still can't get it to work correctly) but I was hoping someone here could help me out of this mess and either explain to me how to set up multi-user mode so I don't have to mess with identities or how to clean up pegasus so I won't be in this mess anymore. After reviewing all the files that have been created, I've never seen my Pegasus in such a state and I've been on Pegasus since '97.

recent by msetzerii  ·  Jun 8 '23 at 10:14 pm


I realized recently that pmail does not recoginze pdf-attachments as such.

I can no longer double click pdf-attachments to open them, it says "Type unknown" and I have them saved first and then via explorer everything works as supposed.

Have already tried to reinstall my pdf-viewer (sumatra) which has been working ok all the time and still does, but pmail still does not know anything about pdf-files.

What can I do?



My ISP provides a main email account with a login email address and password. I am allowed another 4 email addresses, each with a different password which I can access directly through webmail once I have logged into the main account. But i would like to configure Pegasus to collect email from each of the other four addresses so that i can use a different identity for each that has a different sender address. Can this be done, and if so, can someone please guide me as to how ?

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