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Rolf Lindby posted Jul 3 '08 at 5:59 pm

As you may have seen a daemon developer kit was released today, containing lots of new documentation and samples, and revealing the extended daemon API. Hope that will be helpful for you!


tBB posted Jan 30 '08 at 12:31 pm

[quote user="Heini_net"]

 but shoutd mercury use an external daemon or its better if mercury run clamwv automaticially ?


I'd say it doesn't make much of a difference. ClamWall just runs ClamD/FreshClam with the --config-file= parameter, which points to the config file you have configured in ClamWall. This allows to run ClamD/FreshClam from a location which is different from c:\clamav but otherwise it's pretty much the same.

Best regards,

PaulW posted Jan 4 '08 at 11:36 am

Of course.  I had forgotten they were also available on this site.

silence posted Dec 31 '07 at 9:42 pm

I noticed this on my system a little while ago as well. I sent an email to Lukas (Spamhalter author) asking for clarification, his response:

"Correction is not needed at this time, because this message will be classified as you want with current database state. It do just learning (not correction) in this case."

So I think it does learn from the nospam "correction" but I'm not sure what Lukas means by "current database state". It may mean the correction has already been acknowledged with the first correction request and all similar correction requests after that are no longer needed as Spamhalter already knows to do the correction at the next refresh of the database?

I'm not convinced this is working as one would expect though, to be sure I added the sender address to the white list, seems to be ok when I do that. (not really a solution though)

If anyone has more information on this issue I'd be happy to learn more about it too.


dilberts_left_nut posted Nov 14 '07 at 1:18 am

hmm ... looked at the log and was still not certain, which is the reason I posted [:$]



doesn't say it was used to train ... 


But the fact that it is there, and TA is ON should mean that it is used. The "is on WH+" presumably get used as well.

I think I have talked myself around, but was really just after confirmation that using a Blocklist does not reduce the "knowledge" of my spamhalter db. [8-|] 

<col style="width: 15pt;" width="20">

<col style="width: 47pt;" width="63">

<col style="width: 53pt;" width="70">

<col style="width: 54pt;" width="72">

<col style="width: 314pt;" width="419">

20071113 230911.35 MG00004A from: <skirbygn@prodigy.com>

20071113 230911.35 MG00004A to: craig@maxwood.co.nz

20071113 230911.57 MG00004A Tokens: 71
B 20071113 230911.57 MG00004A is on SMTP blacklist...
S 20071113 230911.63 MG00004A SPAM! 1.0000
_ 20071113 230911.68 MG00004A Done. (301)
irelam posted Jul 16 '07 at 6:38 pm

You can get a copy of the Pegasus Mail extension, RunExe from Gerard Thomas's website http://www.grtweb.info/     Do not confuse this with the general public utility with the same name.



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