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I have setup a moderated mailing list in Mercury 4.91 with 2 moderators. Listmembers are able to send to the list and should get their own replies. I just tested the list with my member address and Mercury started working the list. And than came the strange and buggy part: The sender was not my member address The From address was formed of the 2 moderators email address. It created a total mess.

MercuryE log:
T 20230424 212520 64473626 Begin processing job MO000016 from
T 20230424 212523 64473626 Established ESMTP connection to
T 20230424 212523 64473626 MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=1368
E 20230424 212523 64473626 553 5.1.3 <>... Invalid route address
T 20230424 212523 64473626 Connection closed normally.

I can't see any wrong settings in my list configuration which could cause such behavior. I have 2 lists with 130/150 users.
Years ago with Mercury 4.01 I did not have such problem.



Any pointers would be appreciated.


recent by Johannes  ·  Apr 26 '23 at 4:34 am
raindropuk posted Apr 25 '23 at 10:17 am

We have setup mercury to receive emails by SMTP and then distribute the emails to POP3 mailboxes.

However, I don't seem to be able to find an option to tell mercury what domains to accept emails on and which to reject.

I've found the global filtering rules for distribution, but the only way I can find to receive emails is to untick this option "do not permit SMTP relaying of non-local mail" - however when I do this, although I do receive emails, my IP address is then advertising as an open smtp-relay when I run an SMTP check on the IP at website.

Hopefully I am missing something here, and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Hopefully once this is all sorted, I can then purchase a licence to help support the development of the product.


recent by Johannes  ·  Apr 25 '23 at 3:43 pm
Johannes posted Apr 21 '23 at 4:52 pm

That I have now successfully TLS working with Mercury, I am wondering how to improve the cypher list Mercury is using. As I have not found any settings in this regard, is there some way ? And if, where and/or what has to be done ?

Any pointers very much appreciated.
Thank you


Gargoyle_77340 posted Mar 27 '23 at 8:40 am

I have installed 2 Mercury Servers for testing purposes.

I tried tend a batch of 5 messages, using MercuryE on sender and MercuryS on receiver, and SSL on both (self-signed certificates)

Messages 0 1 2 4 arrived

Message 3 failed with "8: Socket read timeout" appearing in the log

That is the best characterization I got

On the Receiver's side, (MercuryS)

The lo is:

08:36:33.401: << 220 OK, begin SSL/TLS negotiation now.<cr><lf>
08:36:33.591: [] SSL/TLS session established
08:36:33.591: [
] TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, TLSv1.3, Kx=any, Au=any, Enc=AESGCM(256), Mac=AEAD<lf>
08:36:33.592: [] No peer certificate presented.
08:37:03.857: 8: Socket read timeout
08:37:03.858: >>
08:37:03.872: [
] OpenSSL secure session normally terminated.
08:37:03.873: --- Connection closed at 27 Mar 2023, 8:37:03.873. ---

What should I do


I am experince a strange problem with Mercry's authentication. It does not matter if STLS is advertised by Mercury and/or used by the clients.
Depending on the module I can authenticate or I am not able to authenticate.

Testing different clients it all comes down to that I can only authenticate using PLAIN authentication which I find quite strange. CRAM-MD5 no way to be successful.

Mercury 4.91 with:
Pegasus 4.80
pop3 is working
smtp session gives me "wrong username or password" even if I tick "do not use CRAM-MD5 if advertised"
tried smtp with seperate username/password pair and the pop3 login. No success

imap & smtp only with plain username possible, with & without STLS offered by Mercury and used by Thunderbird

imap & smtp only possible with plain username. Do not use STLS as it is on the same server.

Mercury C 4.7 smtp client from a different location
sending to Mercury 4.91 with CRAM-MD5 not possible
using MercuryD to pickup mail no problem

All error messages are "wrong password or username" as mentioned above.

Is this normal?
How are you authenticating, plain or CRAM_MD5 or...?
I don't know where to look anymore.

In Pegasus mail smtp I can't even choose how to authenticate. I am totaly stuck. How is pop3 authenticated, as it is working ?

Any pointers are really appreciated.

recent by Johannes  ·  Apr 13 '23 at 2:13 am

I just went live with my 4.91 install. Used synonyms in the past and it worked just fine, so did not test it in this version of Mercury before going live.

Now I am stuck, big time.
user mailbox: iprost
synonym: Ingrid.Prost@xxx.yy
another mailbox: ingrid

Mail comes in as Ingrid.prost@xxx.yy
according to core window is delivered to Ingrid.Prost -OK

mail is delivered to mailbox ingrid instead to mailbox iprost

To top this, a second instance of this situation with a diferent email and synonym has the same problem and is delivering the mail into a wrong mailbox.

To make things worse, a second instance of Mercury at another location is suppose to pickup new mail at iprost to deliver at that location to local mailboxes.

Why is the mail not delivered to the corresponding mailbox of the synonym?
My synonym.mer is

ingrid.Prost@xxx.yy == iprost

and mail should be delivered to mailbox iprost and not some different mailbox ingrid

Anyone having such strange things?

recent by Johannes  ·  Apr 11 '23 at 4:43 pm
Darwin4Ever posted Mar 18 '23 at 2:52 pm


How are messages stored in Mercury ?

Is it in sort of database containing all messages, or are messages stored as single text-files ?

And how are these text-files organised ?

All messages belonging together (inbox - sent a.s.o) in one folder ?

Thank you

Johannes posted Mar 15 '23 at 12:15 am

Mercury 4.91
Mercury S > transaction filter

I am unsure right now HOW the filter is applied.
My filter has a rule to drop the connection immediately when the remote server is announcing itself in the HELO command with localhost.

Using now roundcube and it announces itself with localhost AND the user is successful authenticated, the connection is still drop immediately.

The box underneath the filter "Successful AUTH exempts from filtering" is ticked, as shown in the image. But it is not applied to my successful authenticated user.

Do I missunderstand this, or is this not working correctly ?
To test this, I commented out the rule in the transaction filter and the message was send correctly. Activated it again, failure. smile



Johannes posted Feb 12 '23 at 12:27 am

Hello all,

I got a problem with usernames, either I understand this incorrect, or there is something wrong in Mercury 4.91. smile

According to the Help:

The name the user will give to identify himself to Pegasus Mail or Mercury. By default, this is also the user's address. Usernames cannot contain spaces and must be less than 50 characters in length. Usernames should contain only the letters A…Z, the digits 0…9 and the special characters '.' (period) and '_' (underscore).

I am trying to create a username with a period like this


and Mercury is not accepting this, as by clicking the Add button nothing happens.
Using instead an underscore like


this is accepted.
Using just a name, is ok too.

Problem is, I have to setup a new mail system(Mercury) and have to keep the old email addresses.

Any ideas how to solve this ?

Thank you

recent by Joerg  ·  Mar 16 '23 at 6:21 am
KEIOMAS posted Mar 13 '23 at 2:37 pm

I would like to setup Mercury so when a User logs in they can only send and receive emails from other Users on the same server. There would be no way to send to or receive from any other IP address.

Could someone please explain to me how I would accomplish this using Mercury?

Johannes posted Feb 10 '23 at 1:40 am

Hello All,

too long gone from Mercury, I need a refresher. smile

Mercury-S Compliance tab > exception list

Listing wildcard domains is not a problem *
It is not mentioned in the help, so my question to make sure:
is it possible to have comment lines # to kind of group domains for easier overview? I have quite a listing.


(# business listings

(# privat listings

Please disregard the ( for formatting purposes in the forums editor.
Anyone any ideas ?

Thank you

Johannes posted Feb 6 '23 at 6:22 pm

Hello All,

coming back to Mercury I did a test install with Mercury 4.91 and Roundcube 1.5. Can't use Roundcube 1.6 as the webserver is still running php5.6.40. After install I ran into the following problem:

According to Mercury session log and roundcube imap log I get a * LIST (\Noselect) "/" "" error. User is directly successfully loged out.

Both logs are the same as shown below

[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] Connecting to
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: OK IMAP4rev1 Mercury/32 v4.90.299 server ready.
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] C: A0001 CAPABILITY
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S:
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: A0001 OK CAPABILITY complete.
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] C: A0002 AUTHENTICATE PLAIN
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: +
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] C: ** [18]
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: A0002 OK AUTHENTICATE completed.
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] C: A0003 LIST "" ""
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: LIST (\Noselect) "/" ""
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <fbaqiuum> [8273] S: A0003 OK LIST completed.
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <k3ji8448> [8273] C: A0004 LOGOUT
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <k3ji8448> [8273] S:
BYE IMAP4rev1 server terminating connection.
[05-Feb-2023 18:55:08 -0600]: <k3ji8448> [8273] S: A0004 OK LOGOUT completed.

Assuming that I am missing, or have wrong settings in some config settings in Roundcube.
Looking through the forum posts, my particular problem did not come up.
Maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

BTW, Squirrelmail is working fine, but wanted to offer my users something different.


recent by Johannes  ·  Feb 9 '23 at 3:57 am

I migrate from version 4.80 on March 19. (Windows Server 2012 R2). No problems occurred during and after the migration.
For one week I get the following error message in the System log :
The Mercury32 service terminated unexpectedy. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.
The Mercury32 service is restarted either directly by the system or by the Zabbix monitoring system.
The problem is that each time Mercury32 is restarted, a new instance of the clamd.exe process is created and each instance takes 1 Gb of memory.
The only information I can find in the log is the Windows Event ID (7031). Does somebody know where I can find some more information to track the problem ?.
Many thanks for your help

recent by Joerg  ·  Jan 5 '23 at 8:54 am

Hi Rolf,
What are the state of affairs regarding Mercury v5? All in time? smile

At the moment I have to create lots of new user accounts which will be accessed by Roundcube via IMAP. ... and what's annoying me again and again is the limitation to 8 digits for a local user name. Hopefully you got this on your list.


recent by Invictus  ·  Jan 3 '23 at 2:45 pm
Joerg posted Dec 21 '22 at 3:02 pm

Within Pmail you can create additional subfolders for existing folders of a mailbox. And once these "folders in folders" have been created in Pmail, they are also visible and usable without problems via IMAP in Thunderbird when you connect to this mailbox.
But unfortunately the direct creation of these subfolders (folders in folders) in Thunderbird is not possible, although in Thunderbird settings "IMAP Server supports Folders in Folders" is checked.

Has anybody a hint in this regard?
Does Mercury 4.91 better supports "folder in folder"?

recent by Invictus  ·  Jan 3 '23 at 1:30 pm
Invictus posted Dec 28 '22 at 12:14 pm

Hello - we've been using Mercury for some decades now & find it an excellent server - every day's a school day. I was wondering if anyone out there used an email security package with Mercury - some crap will always get through but I'd like to be as tight as poss without losing too much performance. We use the pop3 client to download from 2 wildcard accounts & distribute to users via imap [Tbird Outlook roundcube etc] or using integrated Pegasus.
Any ideas appreciated - looking out in the wild it seems everyone's trying to push to Google or Microsoft....which I don't want to do.

Invictus posted Dec 29 '22 at 4:04 pm

Has anyone successfully set up MLSS on MercuryB Http.
All seems in order - I just keep getting 404 error.
I do have Mercury webtools working over http.
Any insight appreciated.



we have every now and than problems with POP3 fetch. The Mercury POP3 client prints out:
"TCP/IP communication error Network error: delivering anyway"
and gets no other mails after the (mostly spam, often with attachment) mail. We have to delete the mail via WebMail Client and then Mercury gets back to work.

Is there anything we can do? Is there anything known?


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